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Sounders playoff game is in middle of very busy Seattle event weekend

Sounders will host FC Dallas on Oct. 19 at 12:30 PM

Max Aquino / Sounder at Heart

For the first time in their MLS history, the Seattle Sounders are scheduled to kickoff a home playoff game in the afternoon. Although it’s still subject to change, the Sounders are currently slotted in for a 12:30 PM kickoff on Oct. 19 against FC Dallas in the first round of the MLS Cup playoffs on FS1.

While that kickoff time won’t be free of conflicts — the University of Washington’s football team will be hosting Oregon across town at roughly the same time — it does make a lot of sense for other logistical reasons. The biggest is probably that the Seattle Seahawks play a home game on Oct. 20, and an early Sounders kickoff will help ensure that there’s enough time to remove the soccer lines and get the football lines put down. The Sounders have indicated that their game will be played on a “clean” field.

Kicking off in the afternoon also allows Sounders fans to clear out before the crowd shows up for The Who concert at T-Mobile Park, where doors open at 7 PM.

There’s also the added benefit of not being in conflict with Reign FC’s road playoff game on Sunday.

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