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‘Feeling Better Than Bob’ is how we all feel

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You asked, BreakingT delivered

The immortal words of our fearless leader Brian Schmetzer are now forever etched into the T-shirt you’ve all been asking for. Seconds after winning the Western Conference Final over Bob Bradley’s LAFC, Schmetzer was asked how he was feeling by ESPN’s Sebastian Salazar and he replied, “Feeling better than Bob!” He would go on to explain that he understands how Bradley felt because Seattle had lost last year at home in the playoffs, but the quote was already said.

You already know and love our friends over at BreakingT, and they’ve delivered once again. You know you want it. Go ahead and get it here.

When you’re feeling down because things aren’t going well, you can throw on this shirt and remember that you’re feeling a lot better than Bob Bradley.

A portion of all sales will go toward the Sounder at Heart editorial staff.