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ECS unveils first-ever full-stadium tifo

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Great work everyone.

Max Aquino / Sounder at Heart

SEATTLE — You just knew that the Emerald City Supporters were going to go all out for the MLS Cup Final, and that’s exactly what they did. For the first time, ECS had a “full stadium” display that stretched around the entire stadium.

Tarps spelled out “Seattle Sounders” on the east side of the stadium.

The west side of the stadium had the same message.

Over the ECS sections was a large banner showing a flag-wielding Stefan Frei leading his teammates into proverbial battle.

Another amazing look at the tifo came from a drone hovering over the north parking lot.

While a few MLS teams have pulled off full-stadium displays in the past, this was almost certainly the biggest that was funded and set up without the help of a third-party sponsorship. ECS takes great pride in being a completely volunteer-run organization, declining to even take funding from the Sounders. While that may create some limits, it makes displays like Sunday’s even more impressive.

The massive display required yeoman’s work from the all-volunteer crew that put it all together with just 11 days’ notice. More than 120 volunteers helped paint the 5,000-square-foot curtain and cut the 68,000 tarps that covered the seats. About 150 volunteers then placed the tarps on the seats around the stadium, the equivalent of 20 miles of card roll. Those 68,000 fans then participated in the massive choreo with only their neighbors’ instruction.