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Scenes from the MLS Cup winners’ locker room

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The Sounders know how to party


The Seattle Freakin’ Sounders sure know how to have fun. I got to tag along from the trophy lift to the celebration in the locker room. I’m still mostly covered in champagne and Heineken but I wanted to share some of the perspective from inside the celebration.

The celebration starts, obviously, with the trophy lift on the field. There’s better videos out there but here’s the one I took. One great thing about the trophy lift this year is that Don Garber passed the Cup straight to Nicolas Lodeiro, instead of the traditional American way of passing the trophy to the team owners.

The Sounders paraded the trophy around the field to celebrate with all 69,274 fans, most of which didn’t leave their seats. Our hometown boys Cristian Roldan and Jordan Morris got to lift the trophy in front of Emerald City Supporters’ section.

From there, the players took their cup into the locker room and all hell broke loose. When I got into the locker room, they were blaring Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” over the speakers, a Chad Marshall favorite.

Total chaos. Players were having squirt-gun battles, but instead of squirt guns they just had bottles of champagne. Bryan Meredith was opening cans of beer with his mouth for people to shotgun. Saad Abdul-Salaam and Alex Roldan were drinking straight from the Cup.

Of note, the most popular person in the room was now-retired Marshall, who was wearing a signed Jordan Morris jersey.

When you win trophies like Seattle does, you know how to party. And the Sounders definitely know how to party.