PLEASE go listen to Extratime radio Podcast post MLS cup

but only if you want national recognition of Sounders FC

1. Very good breakdown of the game flow

A. Whether or not you agree, the neutrals accurately commented that TFC controlled the first 56+ minutes.

B. Acknowledgement that it didn't matter because Seattle controlled everything after Leerdam's goal.

C. although you can argue TFC won the game between 18's Seattle dominated where it really counts.

2. Acknowledgement that regardless of the game state and players who stood it during the match, this win was the star moment for Brian Schmetzer, ETR crew were absolutely giving Schmetzer is due. guest host Ike Opara almost sounds like he would run through walls for Brian (raise your hand for an opara-Arreaga Cb pairing).

3. Acknowledgement that Seattle Sounders have been the gold standard for a franchise in MLS (although won't call us a dynasty just yet).

we as sounders fans have been known for dissing the national media for not giving us much credit. but this podcast (for me at least) validates everything we have known for 11 years (not including pre-MLS).

HT to Ike Opara for a great players perspective.

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