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Here’s what the Sounders badge will look like with two stars

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The new star will likely be on top of the current one.

Back in 2016, MLS re-arranged the way that championship stars would be displayed. The current champion would be designated with a single gold star with the year of their title above the crest and above any other stars for previous titles. The Seattle Sounders will be the first two-time winner of MLS Cup to sport this arrangement.

Although the Sounders have not yet unveiled how their 2019 MLS Cup star will look, an enterprising Twitter user went ahead and mocked one up. Based on MLS’s directives, this is what it should look like:

It’s definitely a bit gaudy, but maybe that’s on purpose, as it will definitely stand out. In 2020, that second star will drop next to the 2016 star (and hopefully be replaced by another gold star). The Sounders have not yet announced when the new stars will be available on merchandise, but in 2016 the CenturyLink ProShop was adding stars to current jerseys and fought to have them added to just about anything fans wanted.