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Gustav Svensson says he’s returning to Sounders in 2020

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There might not be too much turnover heading into Concacaf Champions League.

Max Aquino / Sounder at Heart

One of the bigger question marks around the Seattle Sounders’ offseason plans was what they’d end up doing with Gustav Svensson. Especially during the postseason, Svensson had established himself as one of the team’s most important players — including a standout performance in MLS Cup.

At 32, though, Svensson himself had said several times that he was looking to go back to finish out his career in his native Sweden.

Apparently that will have to wait.

Svensson has told the Swedish media that he’s already decided to return to the Sounders for 2020, which Sounder at Heart has confirmed.

“I am very young and fresh,” Svensson said while with the Swedish national team. “I have many years left. I had my thoughts this summer on moving home but now it was not so for many different reasons. I am very happy and proud to be [in Seattle].”

Svensson was one of several veteran Sounders whose future very much seemed in doubt as recently as a couple months ago and who may end up being back for at least another year. Sounders GM Garth Lagerwey has suggested that qualifying for Concacaf Champions League makes him less inclined to do a more thorough turnover on a roster that was already the oldest in MLS. That stat is a little misleading, though, as most of the team’s veterans are no older than 30 and Svensson is actually the second oldest player outfield player.