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10 people we’d love to do Scarves Up’ for MLS Cup

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There are lots of good candidates.

Max Aquino/Sounder at Heart

“Scarves Up” is a tradition that is pretty self explanatory in name. Before every home Seattle Sounders’ match, someone takes to the field to tell a stadium full of Rave Green lunatics to lift their scarves and cheer on the Sounders before they take on their opponent. Here’s a list of 10 people we think are well suited for this weekend’s edition:

Chad Marshall

The greatest center back in MLS history, an incredible dancer, a Sounders Legend. Dad Marshall was forced to retire through injury, but he’s still a huge part of this team. Chad was a key to the team’s success throughout his time here, and that was never more apparent than in the team’s greatest accomplishment, the 2016 MLS Cup Final, when he effectively shut down Jozy Altidore. He should get this opportunity to be a part of one last MLS Cup Final with the Sounders. -Tim

Clint Dempsey

If you polled every Sounders fan for a “Sounders Mount Rushmore,” I’d be willing to bet that more than 90 percent of them would have Dempsey included in their list. Dempsey is absolutely a Sounders legend. It was unfortunate that he lost the one final he played in for Seattle, and wasn’t able to play in 2016 because of his heart condition, but he did give us this moment:ever, but let’s get him to do two more words, eh? -Mark

Russell Wilson & Ciara

The Seahawks quarterback and his wife, she of “Goodies” and “1, 2 Step” fame, are an undeniable Seattle power couple. Russ has an unrivaled talent for getting Seattle crowds excited, and he knows what it means to win a championship for those fans. Ciara probably has a wider-reaching fan base, and her version of “Scarves Up” would almost certainly add an element of musicality that would be right for the occasion. -Tim

Zach Scott

Mr. Sounder himself. We’re not the Seattle Sounders without Scott’s service to the team. Thankfully Zach was able to win an MLS Cup in 2016, but it would be perfect to have him do the “Scarves Up” announcement for this one. -Mark

Megan Rapinoe & Sue Bird

Rapinoe and Bird are arguably one of the greatest sports power couples, and an undeniable Seattle power couple. Rapinoe, a star with Reign FC and the current FIFA Women’s Player of the Year, and Bird, a three-time champion with the Storm and a four-time Olympic Gold Medalist, would be a lock for the best-dressed people to ever lead the cheer.

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She’s always the best part❤️ @sbird10

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Give the people what they want. Vote Rapinoe/Bird 2019. -Tim


As a newly minted owner, it might not be cool for him to do the ceremony, but he is a Seattle icon after all. He has literally and figuratively bought into this team. Maybe he can make a little rap about “Scarves Up”? -Mark

Gary Payton

When the Sounders joined MLS in 2009, they were able to fill a void for many fans left behind when the Sonics were taken away. I’m sure that I’m not the only Sounders fan with a particularly soft spot in my heart for Gary Payton. He may not have much of a presence in Seattle these days, but the Glove still has a connection to the city. Payton got close to winning a trophy for Seattle with the Sonics, maybe now he can be a part of bringing one home with the Sounders. -Tim

Felix Hernandez

Felix might be the best athlete to ever play professional sports in Seattle. It’s too bad the Mariners are, well, the Mariners. I know Felix wasn’t prime Felix over the last few seasons, but it would be awesome to have him be a part of the “Scarves Up” ceremony. -Mark

Vlatko Andonovski

Vlatko’s time with the Reign was relatively short, but he showed his many talents while he was here. He’s moved on to a new role as the USWNT manager, but leading the “Scarves Up” ceremony would be an excellent send-off for him and for the Reign FC fans who will be in the building. -Tim

Dave Clark

You’re not reading this website if it wasn’t for Dave Clark’s vision and creativity. Hell, I’m not writing for this website if it wasn’t for Dave. Dave is probably the biggest Sounders fan on planet Earth, and if anyone can say they are Sounder at Heart it’s him. Dave is family. He’s already created the slogan that will be on the Sounders necktape for this game, why not let Dave say “Scarves Up” too ? -Mark

Your favorite pick not on the list? Let us know!