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Sounder at Heart’s motto will be featured in MLS Cup

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Sounders are wearing Rave Green, which means “You will Hear Us” will be there too!

“You will hear us” on the neck tape of the rave green kit that is new in 2018.

Back in 2018, we were beyond thrilled to learn that the Seattle Sounders would be wearing uniforms with our motto emblazoned across them. It’s nearly as excited to learn that those uniforms be the ones they wear when they host Toronto FC in Sunday’s MLS Cup.

While it should come as little surprise that the Sounders will be wearing their traditional rave green at home, it’s still pretty cool to see this bit of news become official. Sounder at Heart founder Dave Clark came up with this slogan back in 2010 after one of our contributors penned a poem in Latin about the Sounders. “You will hear us” is the english translation of the key refrain in the poem, “Nos Audietis.” If that phrase sounds familiar, that’s because it also inspired a podcast by the same name.

Making this all the more satisfying is knowing that this was probably the final opportunity for the Sounders to wear these uniforms as they are scheduled to be cycled out for 2020 and the chances of that slogan showing up again are virtually nil.