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Bheem Goyal pens letter to Stefan Frei

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You’ll want to read this with a box of tissues.

Max Aquino / Sounder at Heart

It’s not uncommon for professional sports teams to go through the motions when the Make-A-Wish Foundation approaches them with a request for a sick kid. Maybe take some photos, sign some autographs, and give away some tickets. The Seattle Sounders are not an ordinary sports team — they’re the Seattle Freakin’ Sounders. We got to see the difference they made with Xander Bailey in 2014, Nathan Beatty in 2016 and again this year when they invited Bheem Goyal to be a Sounders player for their friendly against Borussia Dortumund this past summer.

Well, we got to see how much it meant to Bheem when he wrote a letter to his hero Stefan Frei in the Players Tribune today. The Sounders have included Bheem in multiple activities throughout the season, including having him listed on their roster page on the website and having him do “Scarves Up” for the match against FC Dallas on September 18th. Bheem, you’re truly a part of the Sounders’ Family.