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Fan Voices: Stephanie Steiner

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We asked some Sounders fans to tell us why this MLS Cup feels special. This is the first of a three-part series.

Max Aquino for Sounder at Heart

Editor’s Note: We asked a handful of Sounders fans to share their story of what the 2019 season meant to them. In this edition of ‘Fan Voices’ we asked Stephanie Steiner to tell her story. Stephanie is the Alliance Council Co-President.

2019 might be the longest three years of my life.

It started with a new fan code of conduct – we called that nebulous right at the start. One of our own was punched in the face for walking. Will Bruin out for the season. Ten Sounders called up for international duty. I’m proud of them – I am. It’s just missing ten of them from our normal rotation: that was tough. We got a full twelve-pack of new owners. We survived illegal substances and a ten-game suspension. Dad Marshall’s absence was and is still painful – and I don’t just mean on the pitch. That’s a heart-shaped hole in our community. But we have light at the end of the tunnel.

Jordan Morris started the season with a bang! and started the playoffs even bigger. Frei is a god among men. Cristian Roldan is a machine and I can’t make lasagna fast enough to keep up with the matches when Coach moves him forward. We’ve gotten a beautiful Bheem of light. Roman is more than a hair lighter and dancing again. Our opponents are smart enough to take us seriously, but the pundits? Well, too bad they didn’t pay attention. I don’t think I’ll be happy until they’ve been Lodeiro’ed, Kim-pressed, Goosed, and Leerdamned all to hell.

The people of Toronto have welcomed us to their city twice. We can afford to be gracious to our guests in beautiful Seattle. And Toronto FC is good. They are also beatable. I look forward to destroying them on the pitch.

I cried a lot when we won in 2016. Many of you did, too. I shared lots of consoling hugs and stories with you in 2017 when I brought my nephew out to Toronto with me. I met some amazing people on these trips.

This year, I’ve been pretty stressed out through the end of this season (we had to get 2nd!) and the semifinals. I mostly hid from the matches and chewed my lower lip into hamburger. I’ve screamed at the TV throughout our opponents’ matches and our own semifinal in SoCal, and I’ve raged on Twitter. I’ve booked and cancelled flights. I’ve paced, sat, jumped up and paced again. I’m not sleeping all that well. I have a niece and nephew joining the mayhem this time around, and I can’t wait to do the victory cry with them. Sounders ‘til I die.