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Fan Voices: A weird 2019

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We asked some Sounders fans to tell us why this MLS Cup feels special. This is the second of a three-part series.

MLS: LA Galaxy at Seattle Sounders FC Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Editor’s Note: We asked a handful of Sounders fans to share their story of what the 2019 season meant to them. In this edition of ‘Fan Voices’ we asked Smashley to tell his story. He is a member of ECS who wrote a memorable Fan Post during the height of the United Front issues.

This season has been unlike any other for me. I watched the first two games of the season from Peru at my friend Preston’s house. He lives in Lima, Peru and is from Tacoma. Two wins while eating Nocturnos.

While I was in Peru, I worked with my friend Adam to finalize a new Olympia ECS subgroup. We decided to call it Altis Legion. Adam locked down our pub partner while I was 5,000 miles away and off we went. We’ve packed Three Magnets nearly every game and had a chartered bus to Portland Away for the first time in 5 years.

In July, I travelled to NYCFC Away. I’d been to NYC twice before, once for a game and another to see my friend Nikki. This trip ended up being notable because Raúl Ruidíaz’s Peru had stunned South America and made it to the Copa America semifinal. The game was right after the Sounders. We rushed to Carlow East on the subway with a bunch of Sounders fans and packed the bar. Not to watch Peru for most of them, but to watch USA vs. Jamaica in Gold Cup. However, that game went into a lightning delay so the bar set its eyes on Chile vs. Peru, with Ruidíaz on the bench as a sub. Peru was a heavy underdog, yet dominated and stunned Chile 3-0. The bar went nuts, all of us Sounders fans were clearly drunk, and it was one of the best times I’d ever had on an away trip. I remember having tears as the final whistle blew on TV. Peru was in the Copa America final for the first time since 1975. This after making the World Cup last year for the first time since 1982. My wife grew up in Peru and was born in 1987. It meant a lot.

I got married.

In August, I travelled to LA Galaxy Away. I’d been there several times, so it was not a notable trip on paper when I booked it. We were in the stadium, about 150 of us, when one of our Anti-Fascist, Anti-Racist, Always Seattle banners was taken down and a fan thrown out with it. About 15 of us walked out with him. There had been turmoil with MLS prior to this game, but in my mind, this is what finally pushed things over the edge heading into Portland the very next Friday.

Friday came, Portland happened. Banners were brought in. A statement was made. After, I wrote about what was on my mind. 5000 words about i, in fact. A few friends, namely Trevor, helped me edit it down. I posted it on this very website not expecting anything at all. I was nervous about it, but felt strongly that I needed to get it out there.

It blew up and would go on to be the most viewed FanPost on Sounder at Heart this season. I’m still an asshole, but that’s pretty cool!

One last thing — I went to LAFC Away for the Conference Final and had the time of my life watching the Sounders kill a giant. Cristian Roldan’s dad kissed me in the parking lot after.

Let’s go get this last W, boys.