Derlis Gonzalez finally coming to Seattle?

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It isn't even a rumor at this point, however Matt Doyle over at has thrown some chum in the water by suggesting that the Sounders could grab Gonzalez this year:

Is it finally Derlis Gonzalez time? Seattle almost had him two-and-a-half years ago, but Dynamo Kiev asked for waaaay too much at the last minute. Since then the winger's value has plummeted as he's spent most of his time on a not-very-productive loan to Santos, but the man can still do some stuff:

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Now he's in the final six months of that loan, and while he's damaged goods, he's also a 25-year-old full Paraguayan international who could probably be had relatively cheap. And he fits a lot of what the Sounders need, provided they're capable of coaxing him back toward productivity.

And we know they like him – they bid millions for him after scouting the hell out of him a few years back. I bet they finally get their man (though maybe they'll just wait for his contract to run out and get him for free in the summer).

For those that have forgotten, here is the S@H coverage of the transfer drama back in 2017. As Doyle says the last couple years have been rough for Gonzalez, so the Sounders possibly dodged a $10 million bullet, but for the right price this could be a low downside/high upside pickup.

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