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Exclusive interview with Victor Rodriguez

MLS Cup MVP says he has nothing but gratitude for both his experience with the Sounders.

Max Aquino / Sounder at Heart

Even though Victor Rodriguez posted a farewell on his Instagram account, considering the Sounders current roster depth or lack thereof, there seemed to be a significant number of supporters who continue to have a slight hope the team would find a way to bring back the Spaniard.

Therefore to give Victor’s situation some closure we had a final conversation with the 2019 MLS Cup Final MVP.

Now in Spain, Rodriguez immediately shared his happiness of being home, closer to his love ones in the company of his wife and daughter. There was a certain feel of tranquility in Victor’s voice as he talked about his relocation, something that really highlighted the reason behind not staying in Seattle.

Rodriguez moved on to confirm he would not return to the Sounders next season. The plans are to remain in Spain to prioritize the wellbeing of his family, calling it “The right step on a personal level.” Victor has been dealing with some serious adversities related to the health of his daughter Astrid which are better left to the privacy of his inner circle but had a lot to do with this decision.

For now Victor seems to focus on enjoying his offseason, spending more quality time with his family and is disconnected from most soccer aspects of his career. The midfielder even mentioned he is currently unaware if there any offers on the table or ongoing negotiations with any La Liga team.

“I leave that work to my agents whom I know are evidently on top of it,” he said. “I limit myself to begin training soon so I can stay in shape, enjoying my friends and family. Right now, if there were to be any contact with potential teams, my agents are the ones who handle it so I try not to get involved.”

Nonetheless, he admitted it was difficult to move on from a place where he was so comfortable and constantly reminisced about the great moment he had in Seattle. Months after playing his most memorable game at CenturyLink Field, it was remarkable to hear directly from the former Sounder how much it meant for him to give the city an impressive performance in a championship game at home.

“It was something incredible,” he said. “I remember it with a great deal of affection. That day will be marked on my mind forever and the goal I scored it’s probably until this day the most important of my career.”

That goal, that moment, that title, I believe meant as much as it did partially because of his commitment for the organization but mainly due to his gratitude to the supporters and his desire to produce more than he was able to, during his time with the club.

For a player who struggled with a variety of nagging injuries that limited his playing time and overall impact, the unconditional support displayed by fans was an aspect of his time in the Emerald City which seemed to strongly resonate with Victor.

“I am tremendously thankful with the entire Sounders fan base for the enormous affection I have received, and I continue to receive until this day,” he said. “All of that will evidently make sure I keep Seattle and the Seattle Sounders forever in my heart”.

Seattle was not the only thing which left a good impression on the Spaniard’s mind, he was also very pleased with the level of play in MLS. Victor highly praised the growth of the league, specifically mentioning the number of talented players who have arrived because of how attractive it has become.

When asked if there was any player in particular which impressed him during his tenure in MLS, Victor did not hesitate to emphasize with all honesty that those training daily with him at Starfire were the most impressive.

“I have to say it was those around me, playing next to Nico, Cristian, Jordan, Raul, next to Clint at one point, has made me a better soccer player,” Rodriguez said. “Frankly I have enjoyed playing with guys like Ozzie and watching how he dominated every aspect of the game, playing next to Roman who made me realize how one player can influence and imprint certain personality and character in a team”.

At the end, although Victor did not dismiss the possibility of retuning to MLS at some point in the future, he did want to conclude the interview with once again thanking the city of Seattle and the Sounders Fans one last time.

“With just a Thank you I simply fall short,” Rodriguez said. “I don’t know if there is a word which can accurately express the gratitude I have for all of the love and support they gave me. The truth is that I always tried to give them 100 percent of me when I was there and all my affection toward them. There isn’t a word to describe my affection for them, I’m just very grateful to every one of them and from the distance, I will always follow Seattle as well as all the Seattle fan base.”

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