Help, I moved to Portland!

"So are you going to root for the Timbers now?"


For very good non-soccer related reasons, I recently moved down to the Rose City. Despite their contemptible sports teams, Portland has much to offer: restaurants, hiking, people willing to employ me.

But I've been a Sounders fan since the 1970s (not a humble brag, I'm just old), and that's not changing. So I need the collective S@H wisdom to help me maximize my fandom in a foreign city.

  • Are there bars or other places in Portland where Sounder fans congregate to watch games?
  • Do Sounders fans congregate in Portland for any purpose besides watching games?
  • Are there any coordinated travel arrangements to attend games in Seattle?
  • What do Sounders fans do when the Sounders play in Portland, but said fans are not actually attending the game?
  • Do you have any other advice for Sounders fans in enemy territory?

Thanks in advance for your help!

PS: Two "friends" actually asked me the question at the top. I may need to reconsider those friendships.

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