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Clint Dempsey just reminding y’all he’s retired for real

Dempsey responds to a random tweet to make sure everyone knows he’s not going to play indoor soccer.

Just in case you thought there was any doubt that Clint Dempsey might be inclined to become the latest former MLS star to try their feet at indoor soccer, he put that to rest with a Tweet on Friday.

The Tweet was quintessentially Dempsey in many ways. First off, it’s sort of hilarious that he even bothered to respond being that he only Tweets a few times a year.

But it was more what he said that seemed to fit so perfectly: “Nah I’m good pimp.” Dempsey is not a man of many words, at least not publicly. This is a player whose retirement announcement consisted of five words and an emoji, which were five more words than he offered during the Sounders’ ceremony honoring his career.

He did say he planned to get involved with Street Soccer USA — an organization devoted to developing the game at the grass-roots level — but otherwise he seems intent on just being a dad. Although the general belief seemed to be that he’d move back to North Carolina, Dempsey is apparently still living in the Seattle area. That’s almost certainly because he’s reluctant to move his kids during the school year.

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