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Is Stefan Frei better than Stefan Frei?

At least in the virtual world, this is a valid and relevant question.

Look, the international break can be boring at times. Maybe it’s a good opportunity to spend time with your family or explore the outdoors. Or maybe it’s time to lean into your hobbies and get better at video games.

At least last night, that’s what Stefan Frei was doing while playing FIFA. He posted on his Instagram feed of him scoring a free kick goal.....against himself.

So, this poses an interesting psychological question... Is Stefan Frei better than Stefan Frei? Let’s explore.

First, we need break this goal down. Unfortunately, we can’t really analyze the game state because we don’t see the scoreline or the minute of the match. But, we can analyze the goal itself. So, Stefan Frei and the Sounders win a free kick about 28-yards out against the Sounders and....himself. Frei lines up his wall in what seems like a good position, but Frei knows his own weakness and puts the free kick in the one spot he’s unable to save it. I think Stefan will be very upset and very mad at Chad Marshall and Gustav Svennson for not jumping when the kick was taken.

But, if there’s one spot where Frei knows he can’t reach it to make a save, why wouldn’t he just position himself better? If you’re facing yourself in a situation like this, wouldn’t you know exactly how to beat yourself?

Either way, it’s pretty cool to see a goalkeeper score a free kick. Even if it’s just a video game.

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