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Schmetzer’s Ratings: Media Game

Yes, really — coach rated the play in the media game

Sounder at Heart staffers pose after the first ‘annual’ Sounders FC Media Game

Rating this game was a challenge. The difference in style, even between teammates impacted some of my ratings. Moreno, Clark, Realio and their dribbling skills were in sharp contrast to the power, stamina and endurance of Oshan, Davis, Harvey and the delicate tactical balance from Kastner and Aquino. The scoreline did impact my ratings. 10-3 has a way of affecting the brain and how you view the match/players. I did do an overall team rating for both squads and individual ratings for SaH staff.

I am using the same scale as SaH. As a reminder that scale is;

1 - not a pro (USL/NASL/MLS) quality performance

4 - average USL starter

6 - average MLS starter

9 - MLS All Star

10 - MLS MVP-quality performance

Team Rating: “Rave Green”

BS rating - 8

Ratings for the group were much higher than the individuals. Together the squad looked great! I had to start Hanauer (he’s my boss) but he delivered. Tactically organized, fitness level high (except for one or two) and the enthusiasm for the game made this a benchmark for future Media games. Geoff Baker solid, Ryan Krasnoo with an MVP performance.

Very proud of the group.

Team Rating: “Team Nightfall”

BS Rating-5

Overall poor performance by Hinton’s squad. Needed to replace coach at halftime as he was so upset with players, thank you to Mazvita Maraire. Team defending was non-existent. Attack floundered after they scored first goal of the match. Even roster changes orchestrated by Alex Caulfield couldn’t help outcome. For this match to continue on a yearly basis, we need to have an opponent that can compete, so the fans get their money’s worth.

Individual SaH ratings: (in no order)

Jeremiah Oshan

BS rating – 6

I was disappointed during the match with Oshan’s effort which was quite alarming since I had high expectations of the physical condition of one of the main guys at SaH. I had to lay into my key player at the half, and I think he responded. His play on the field was decent, I liked his style (never quit – work ethic – team first ethos) but the conditioning wasn’t there. However, when I re-watched the game I noticed some of the smaller details coaches miss sometimes during the match. A few recovery runs in the 2nd half stood out and overall he did contribute to the winning score line.

Niko Moreno

BS rating – 5

Too much flair, not enough final product for the lack of defending. I appreciate talented attacking players, the step overs, back flips all stood out. BUT if you don’t defend, then you must score! Not enough contribution to his Team’s score line to push him into a higher rating.

Dave Clark

BS rating – 5

A little harsh here on the “Team Nightfall” players but I believe deservedly so. A few fine sequences to get past the opponent did not make up for any impact in the score. Dave is tactically astute, it shows by his positioning on the field (like Jeremiah it might take awhile, but he gets there) so I have an overall good feeling about the player, just not enough to push past and into “solid MLS” standard.

Spenser Davis/Andrew Harvey

BS rating – 3

I am rating these two players together to save time and space. The score line definitely affected these ratings as the defense for “Team Nightfall” was terrible. Now it is not always the defenders fault alone, soccer is a team sport but when a team puts 10 on the score line??? There is no excuse from behind Davis and Harvey because I thought the goalkeeping was good. I couldn’t hear much tactical instruction to the players in front of them, only a few @#*^%$ (choice words) when they got beat for goals. The effort from both players was commendable, as witnessed by the crunching tackle on Geoff Baker which took him out of the match with broken ribs, but not much else went right on the day.

Max Aquino

BS rating – 5

Perhaps a bright spot for “Team Nightfall” in the sense there is some athleticism there, somewhere. May have been worried what he looked like on camera more than his play which affected his impact in the match. A very talented athlete, needs work on the technical side but has a subtle knowledge to the game and used that at times during the match to help his squad.

Mark Kastner

BS rating – 4

Came off the field first sub. I liked that move because it showed Team first ethos, but didn’t like the fact it was 9 minutes into the match. Tactically aware (of his play) and a good asset for any coach to have on the bench. Maybe not a starter, but reliable bench player.


BS rating – 5

What I liked, technically sound, able to get himself in good positions, nice impact in the match. What I didn’t like, bit of a showman on the field, too many flicks and tricks that did not come off. At 27:55 he put him self in a great spot on the right wing and pushed cross into GK. 32:58 another poor cross. A lack of quality on the free kick from just outside the box at 33:50. There were good moments as well, a clever give and go at 37:45 and nice backheel pass so I have mixed feelings about the true impact he had on the match. He was on the winning team, BUT I had much higher expectations and I felt he played below his abilities.

Realio’s free kick was just a bit outside
Brian Schmetzer, Seattle Sounders FC for Sounder at Heart


Rave Green 10: (Realio 3, Hanauer 2, Lopez 2, Jacobs 1, Marshall 1, Krasnoo 1) It was hard for the scorekeeper to keep track in the first half.
Nightfall: 3 (Evans 2, Harvey)

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