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The Jordan Morris Show

The Coolest Morris since Zack

Sounders FC Digital

How could we possibly start the week off with anyone other than sweet, beautiful, swaggering Jordan Morris (pictured above)? I mean, just take a moment to behold this look; cherish it. On Saturday I said that this outfit was a “harbinger of goals,” and while they may not have come for him this week, he did create some nice chances and if Bruin didn’t get to the ball on his second goal, Morris is absolutely putting that through the net. I still think this outfit suggests a level of confidence that will serve Jordan well going forward.

Honestly, I love everything about this outfit. The shoes, a pair of Timberland chukka boots, were at one point one of the best-selling items in the men’s shoe department at Nordstrom for good reason. They’re a stylish and classic piece that work with just about any outfit and serve as a perfect foundation to build the rest of the look on. As we work our way up we have a couple things to note: Jordan’s clearly on-board with the cropped pant trend, showing off both his boots and his sartorial acumen. He’s made a brave choice in his color combinations, opting to mix navy and black rather than going for an all-black look. The sweater and coat are exquisite, both adding a bit of textural interest with the knit of the sweater and the nubby, almost fur-like look of the coat. The cream color of the sweater adds a nice, strong contrast to the look, while the thin, vertical stripe adds a bold, graphic element that livens the whole thing up. So far this season, it seems like Jordan has taken a real step forward in his style and I look forward to what he’s got in store.

Sounders FC Digital

Cristian and Alex Roldan came with a couple of strong, if subtle, looks this week. Both reached for a patterned shirt, a staple in every closet, when getting ready that morning but did so in different ways. Alex went for a very appropriately-PNW plaid and paired it with a nice quilted jacket that lends some cool details to the look. The zipper and button closure adds a nice touch both when the jacket is open or closed, and the plaid lining is another cool bit of interest that in this particular outfit provides some cool pattern mixing with the shirt. The scales of the plaids/checks in the shirt and jacket work really well together, whether the combo was intentional or not.

Cristian’s look here is a little brighter with the cream-colored sweater/blazer and his predominantly white shirt. Roldan has a history of great patterned shirts, and this one is no different and he pairs it well with this soft, unstructured double-breasted blazer. It’s soft and casual, but low-key one of the best looks this week.

Sounders FC Digital

Nico Lodeiro is an absolute delight. He can do it in so many ways and this outfit is just one of his many approaches. The look is super casual but each piece is operating at a really high level. The jeans are skinny, but not the skin-tight fit that Lodeiro at times goes for, with heavy wash and weathering that breaks up what could have otherwise been a little bit too simple. The crewneck is a graphic sweatshirt that, by choosing a black-on-black color scheme, manages to be pretty low-key in spite of the large print on the front. The shirt underneath does a lot to round out the look, with the white peaking out beneath the black providing a bit of contrast, and the length creating some cool layering interest. Lastly, his arms are full but the black and gold look of that mate gourd is really slick.

Sounders FC Digital

We’re going to close this edition out with The Kim Kee-hee. I’m not entirely convinced that Kee-hee is not a beautiful, artfully crafted statue brought to life by the magical power of love and currently blessing the city of Seattle with his presence until the time comes for him to save the world. I know that I’ve previously said that we should all be dressing like Kee-hee, and I still stand by that, but this look might be one that is best left to the experts. I think he would probably look amazing in JNCO jeans and a trash bag, as he seems to look good in anything, but this outfit is actually great. It’s just got an extremely high level of difficulty.

The black and tan color combo is simple and stylish and the mock-neck turtleneck is becoming a Kee-hee signature in my mind at this point. The piece that really elevates this outfit, but also makes it such a tough one to pull off, is the sweater vest. It fits really well and the neck makes it clearly different from the ones your uncle wears as soon as the leaves start to fall. Rather than the typical v-neck you see from a sweater vest, the notch, almost like a henley, makes it look fresh and cool. Again, this look is amazing and we should all thank whatever gods we believe in that Kee-hee is here, but should probably leave this one to him.

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