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Seattle Sounders vs. San Jose Earthquakes: Highlights, stats and quotes

“You go down 2-0 against a very unorthodox team. They’re tired and were able to persevere and score two very good goals. They had a chance to win the game and that’s all I can ask of the team.” -Brian Schmetzer

Match Data


Seattle Sounders FC 2 - San Jose Earthquakes 2

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Venue: CenturyLink Field

Referee: Fotis Bazakos

Assistants: Chris Wattam, Jeff Hosking

Fourth Official: Marcos de Oliveira

VAR: Guido Gonzales Jr.

Attendance: 37,722

Weather: 55 degrees and clear


SJ - Shea Salinas (Magnus Eriksson) 34’

SJ - Shea Salinas (Cristian Espinoza) 53’

SEA - Kelvin Leerdam (Kim Kee-hee, Nicolás Lodeiro) 65’

SEA - Harry Shipp (Nicolás Lodeiro, Brad Smith) 67’


SEA - Handwalla Bwana (caution) 37’

SJ - Danny Hoesen (caution) 70’

SEA - Nicolás Lodeiro (caution) 77’

SJ - Luis Felipe (caution) 87’

SJ - Chris Wondolowski (caution) 90’+5’


Seattle Sounders FC - Stefan Frei; Kelvin Leerdam, Kim Kee-hee, Chad Marshall, Nouhou (Brad Smith 55’); Gustav Svensson (Harry Shipp 56’), Cristian Roldan, Handwalla Bwana, Nicolás Lodeiro - captain, Víctor Rodríguez (Henry Wingo 63’); Jordan Morris

Substitutes not used: Bryan Meredith, Alex Roldan, Jordy Delem, Román Torres

Total shots: 21 (Bwana, 6)

Shots on goal: 8 (Bwana, 3)

Fouls: 11 (Three players, 2)

Offside: 0

Corner-kicks: 12 (Lodeiro, 12)

Saves: 4 (Frei, 4)

San Jose Earthquakes - Daniel Vega; Nick Lima, Florian Jungwirth, Harold Cummings, Paul Marie; Judson (Luis Felipe 79’), Jackson Yueill, Magnus Eriksson (Vako 75’), Shea Salinas - captain, Cristian Espinoza; Danny Hoesen (Chris Wondolowski 86’)

Substitutes not used: Andrew Tarbell, Jimmy Ockford, Eric Calvillo, Marcos Lopez

Total shots: 17 (Espinoza, 5)

Shots on goal: 6 (Espinoza/Salinas, 2)

Fouls: 17 (Jungwirth/Yueill, 3)

Offside: 0

Corner-kicks: 3 (Three players, 1)

Saves: 6 (Vega, 6)

Post-Match Quotes


On the defensive strategy:

“We worked on Kim Kee-hee getting forward and Gustav [Svensson] dropping back in to play center back. When they pair up with everybody there’s one spot that’s open. [Harold] Cummings was the guy who was almost a sweeper – he didn’t pair up with anyone. I wanted to draw him to the left side, bring the ball and hopefully Kim would be able to find some space and bring the ball forward, which would start a chain reaction. Whoever comes to put pressure on Kim has to release from their man and we were trying to get an advantage in that situation.”

On starting fast then struggling then turning it around:

“In the first 17 minutes, we played Nico [Lodeiro] as a false nine and put Jordan [Morris] out on the right in order to get [Florian] Jungwirth out of position. So Nico would start there next to him, drop into midfield and Jordan was trying to get into that space that we created. It was also a space for Cristian Roldan to run into – we’d worked on that during the week. It worked okay. I’d say it wasn’t great. I don’t think Jordan got enough of the ball. I’ll have to look at the tape, but that was the intention. When we switched at halftime to Jordan at his more natural position, I wanted him to do the same thing – start on Jungwirth then go across to Cummings to again try to draw him out. When we went down 2-0, I thought the guys had a good response. I thought Harry [Shipp] came on and kind of sparked the team. I think it was a combination of some tactical stuff that we tried to accomplish during the week, which works against that team. Obviously it wasn’t enough because we gave away two soft goals.”

On his evaluation of the team’s response tonight after the LAFC loss:

“The effort out of that group tonight was very, very good. You go down 2-0 against a very unorthodox team. They’re tired and were able to persevere and score two very good goals. They had a chance to win the game and that’s all I can ask of the team.”

On Harry Shipp’s performance:

“He came on and did well. We were again trying to manage rotation because that was the first time Harry had played 90 minutes in a while. And I thought Handwalla [Bwana] did well. Credit to some of the guys who haven’t found consistent minutes and came on to make a difference.”

On if San Jose tried to slow down the game:

“I think the referees have to figure out a feel for the game. It seemed like to me that every time a player from the Seattle Sounders was receiving a pass with their back to goal they got fouled. And at some point that had to stop. I will say it’s up to us to make sure that if a ball is coming into a player that he has two options – lay the ball off first time so he doesn’t get fouled. So I can’t blame the referees for everything. And I can’t blame the other team because they play the way they do. I only control our team. The message was you have to play through some of those things, some of those tactics, some of those non-calls or some of those yellow cards or whatever you want to call it. But we have to do better in those situations as well.”

On what’s wrong with the team’s defensive performance the past two games:

“I’m going to try and find that out and fix it. The first goal – give [Shea] Salinas some credit. Why did we give up the counter attack? We played into their hands – all sort of those team things we can contemplate. On the second one, that was a disastrous situation. We should’ve done better there to clean that up. Yes, I am concerned with the goals that we’re giving up.”

On if this feels like two points dropped:

“Absolutely. It is absolutely two points dropped. The only thing that jumps into my mind is Handwalla’s header at the back post. I have to see that one again and how he could miss or how the goalie saved it. Stef [Frei] saved us a few times, too. We were fortunate to not to lose all points. The fact of the matter is I thought we put enough pressure on them once we got things steamrolling there to get a third goal.”


On his performance tonight:

“For me personally it was a little different role because the first four or five times I came off the bench we were winning. It was more about protecting the lead, playing smart and seeing how the game goes. Tonight you come in down 2-0, try and make a difference and provide a spark, get in dangerous spots. Luckily I was able to get a goal and help us back into the game.”

On if he thought Seattle would get a third goal:

“There were a couple of chances we had and we were on top of them. It was back and forth. It was probably as chaotic of a 30 minutes that I’ve ever been part of in the MLS. It felt like a track meet out there. That’s how they play and how they want it. I think we did a decent job creating chances, but unfortunately we couldn’t get another goal.”

On San Jose’s strategy in marking:

“It was wild. I’ve never played a team like that and it’s part of the reason why they’re decently successful – the novelty of it. It takes thinking. It takes understanding how to drag guys out of position. It’s totally different than a normal game you play. It took us a little bit to adjust to it and unfortunately we weren’t able to adjust to it in time enough to get all three points.”

On the LAFC match on Sunday:

“It’s going to be tough. Obviously they’re a tough team and completely different style of team that we played tonight. We have to come out and get three points. You put aside the revenge factor and not being satisfied with how we played last weekend. From a pure momentum standpoint we have to come out and get three points no matter who the 11 are on the field.”


On tonight’s game:

“I thought the game got a little stretched as the minutes went on. Obviously it’s a tough result. I felt like we did well in moments. Gave up two crappy goals. That is really the story of the game. In the end you are down 2-0, you figure out a way to score two goals, that is a credit to our guys. We still could have scored a third, but at the same time we may have gotten lucky to get a point.”

On almost scoring 20 minutes into the first half:

“We started the game with a bit of a false nine with Nico dropping in. We felt that we could open up space and get behind. I felt like we had chance to get a goal and just missed that final product. That is footy for you. Maybe a sluggish game because of a short rest, guys rotating in. But the best teams find a way to win and we didn’t do so and that is on us and we need to do better. We need to regroup for a tough game against LAFC.”

On the difficulty of playing against the San Jose tactics:

“Well we knew what to expect, but I felt like we played into their hands at times. I felt like we were playing a bit of their style as well, just because you end up - you lose the ball defensively and you end up being man to man. It was a bit of a chaotic game. They make things difficult. They make the game a little different. You like that you are playing different teams, different styles because it prepares you for the rest of the season.”


On the match:

“I think the first half we weren’t defending very well and there was no passion. In the second half we showed that we never give up, especially in front of our crowd. Having the crowd behind us, we push, push, push, but it was unfortunate that we didn’t get the win.”

On if he thought the third goal was coming:

“The three guys who came in did very well. Unfortunately I missed a wide open header – that’s going to be a nightmare. We tried really hard and kept pushing.”

On if he thought Daniel Vega was surprised to save that header:

“I think I wasn’t expecting the ball, but in practice, Schmetzer said I was going to eventually get the ball there some game. I got it and thought it was a tap in, but the keeper got there.”


On the match:

“I feel we performed well. We’re inside of a project and transcending a new path with a style of play we’re looking for and are now finding. We knew that this game in Seattle at home was very strong. I had the chance to be here when I was with Chivas so we know what the turf is about and how many fans they have. They have a good coach and very good players. I believe that we had a great game.”

On his team pushing even after Seattle tied it 2-2:

“That makes me very happy the way every player acted. They’re really putting their souls in there, which is what I ask of them. This team is not giving up, looking for victories. Surely playing this way we’ll have more of a chance of winning than things going badly.”

On what he learned about his team tonight:

“Well I’ve been studying them for three months now and this was a demonstration of their character, especially keeping mind that the first 10 minutes we were playing like we were asleep. Then for a while we were in control of the game against a hard team. It was a spectacle.”

On how the team will prepare for a quick turnaround at Dallas on Saturday:

“First thing is go to the hotel and have the players eat, have them rest and tomorrow we have another trip. We know that we’re facing another tough opponent.”


On tonight’s game:

“I think we don’t want to change our game plan no matter who we are playing, where we are or the circumstances. We were disappointed to go down 2-2. We thought we could come in and win the game. We kept pushing, they were pushing as well so it made for an entertaining second half.”

On the team’s confidence and spirit tonight:

“I think we played well. We had confidence. I mean the first 10 minutes we struggled a bit, just getting used to how we were going to play against their system. We settled in. We played a great team effort, a great team game. Everyone was fighting so hard that second half. It was fun to be a part of, and fun to watch.”

On what you learned about your team and where the team is at:

“I think we are learning the tactical side of things, but our guys have so much heart. Guys are flying around. Paul Marie was awesome at right back, it was his first start. Guys in the middle, Judson, Jackson [Yueill] as well, they are running all over the place. It is cool to see guys sacrificing for the team and that to pay off in points is nice.”


On what is working for you:

“I think the way we play really suits my style of play. A lot of box to box, a lot of work. Getting on the ball a lot when we have it and keeping it well. So being a part of it and getting my chances on the field is very good, and I hope we can keep up these performances.”

On hitting the woodwork tonight:

“You can never be too sad over a chance - there will always be more to come, but I was a little hurt it didn’t go in. I think we scored right after it so I wasn’t too angry.”

On playing more physical on defense and what has changed:

“Extra work in the gym and in the trainings, we work extra hard every day of the week and I think you can see the results paying off in the games.”

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