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It’s not the Good Place, but it’s also not the Bad Place

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Sounders FC Digital

I’m going to be honest with you: Wednesday’s showing was kind of disappointing. It’s not that anything was even bad, exactly, but every one of these guys is capable of so much better. (I’m talking about the outfits, but I suppose that could refer to the game as well...)

Take Román Torres (pictured above) as an example. There’s not a lot going on in this outfit. Torres is wearing a light-colored pair of pants that are about as tight as possible with a polo that I actually think is pretty solid. It’s a pretty simple shirt, black and white woven to create a contrast in both color and texture. The fit is pretty basic, a pretty straight cut with ribbed sleeves that on any mere mortal might just look fine, but on Román Torres it looks like a wonder of tailoring. The shirt looks great, but the physicality of Torres is doing a lot of work here.

Sounders FC Digital

Jordan Morris almost did the opposite of Torres, wearing an outfit that from him is a little bit of a let down, but on a normal guy would probably a half-decent look. I don’t think it’s an awful look — the way the cardigan fits seems a little too loose, but not quite in an intentionally over-sized way — but we’ve seen that Morris can deliver excellence. We have some idea of his ability and potential, and it’s a lot more than an OK outfit that wouldn’t raise a second thought if it were worn buy someone on a first Bumble date.

Even though I don’t really love the way this cardigan fits him when it’s being worn open like this, I do like the cardigan as a piece. Shawl collars — be they on a sweater or a jacket — are something that I’ve always had a certain fondness for, so I’m always going to be a little bit partial to them. The utility-style flapped pockets are a cool and interesting touch on a sweater that almost seems like a shirt jacket or work coat in its weight and the button fastening of the sleeves. It’s a cool piece, I just wish that the fit of it were a little more of a conscious choice - either intentionally over-sized are a little bit more tailored.

Sounders FC Digital

Stefan Frei is an angel. Our glorious protector, he never seems to let us down. This outfit is virtuosic in its simplicity, able to make even the smallest of details seem like master strokes. The sweater drapes Frei’s torso like the perfectly hanging coverings on so much carved stone, tucking into his — I’m positive perfectly tailored — pants to create a surprisingly complete look somehow because of its simplicity. His sleeves are pushed up, the sun is shining, and Frei is ready to work.

Sounders FC Digital

I don’t have a ton to say about Nico Lodeiro’s look here. He loves his grey denim, it’s almost a signature. I can nearly guarantee that these are basically skin-tight, just the way Nico likes them. The sweater is a repeat, but this time around we can actually see what’s on the sweater. The print is a stylized eye, and although it’s certainly a large graphic, it’s pretty toned down for being Kenzo. I know that Lodeiro’s never going to not try, and I love a black and grey color scheme as much as the next guy, but I hope that in the future we see a little bit more of the brightness and fun that we usually see from Kenzo.

These guys didn’t suddenly become bad at dressing. It may not be great right now, but I know that they’ll turn it around.


With the largely lack-luster display from the guys, here’s Megan Rapinoe from the Reign FC game to brighten things up. She is, as always, a touch of sunlight enshrined in a human body. Her style is practically irreproachable, and this outfit is fantastic. The jacket is amazing, bringing a surprising graphic element that works well with the boldness of her sweater’s color. The sweater serves as the unexpected point that perfects the triangle of her outfit, with the color represented in the piping of her plaid pants, and the texture multiplying the effect of the texture of her coat. To make it all the more delightful, she used a pair of impressive Off-White x Nike Blazers in white and black to serve as the gleaming dock from which this ship launched.

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