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Sunday Best

Farmers market freshness from Bryan Meredith

Sounders FC Digital

The role of a backup goalkeeper is a difficult one. In a way, it’s the usual role of a goalkeeper taken to an extreme. The player sees little-to-no action for incredibly long stretches of time, but needs to be called upon at any moment. The task for Bryan Meredith (pictured above) is made all the more complicated by the particular situation he finds himself in with the Sounders. Positioned behind one of the top ‘keepers in the league in Stefan Frei, and ahead of young prospect Trey Muse, game time is hard to come by at both the MLS and USL levels. With the potential for a few Open Cup games, and maybe the occasional MLS appearance in the event of injury or suspension, Meredith’s primary responsibilities are to help keep Frei and Muse sharp in training, act as a sort of mentor to Muse as he begins his pro career, and — as we saw on Sunday — to show up to the stadium on game days looking like a snack.

Meredith continues a Sounders tradition of dandy back-up ‘keepers, looking frankly fresh as hell in an outfit with some very strong Spring vibes. The choice of pastel pink pants is certainly a bold one, but Meredith makes it a thematic element with the color echoed in both the plaid of his jacket and the pocket square he’s sporting. Meredith does a great job of keeping the outfit casual by sporting a (I think) suede belt in the same color as his hat, and a cool banded collar henley. The shirt is in more of a T-shirt material, which keeps the fit and look of it relaxed, and the long placket is a cool detail. The fit of the jacket and the length of his sleeves are about as good as it gets, and you can see the attention to detail in this look that clearly has contributed to Meredith’s ability to find a place on the Seattle roster.

Sounders FC Digital

Sticking with ‘keepers for a moment, Frei showed the difference that styling can make with an outfit that’s drastically different in its feel from the one he wore at midweek without being entirely dissimilar in the pieces that he’s wearing. Just like on Wednesday, Frei went for a pretty simple look comprised of a sweater and slacks. To create a more casual look, though, he opted for a slightly slimmer, but softer pant and kept the sweater untucked. He wrapped the look up with a pair of Yeezy Boosts, a shoe that Frei seems particularly fond of.

It’s a straight-forward look, and certainly one that would be easily copied by any of us laymen to great effect.

The team didn’t post any other photos, but they did share a video. I’m not going to go into detail on everyone featured, but I do want to touch on a few of the guys.

  • Danny Leyva made his first appearance on a first team game day roster, and so makes his first appearance in this column. He went for a smart black and white look, with a good pair of black denim — this ought to be a staple in most people’s closets/dressers — and clean white sneakers. The shirt is nice — I really like the black button detail, and the touch of pushing the sleeves up — but the neck is a little bit too big. Leyva’s still a pretty slim guy, so it’s entirely possible that he needs to buy men’s sizes, but most brands only make shirts with necks so small. I’m giving him a pass on that.
  • Kelvin Leerdam’s got great style. He doesn’t try terribly hard, which works in his favor. His nonchalance makes a move like a navy polo in an all-black outfit all the cooler. He knows the value of a good bomber jacket, and wears them with regularity. He’s another guy that you could easily copy and look good doing it.
  • Jordan Morris brought out the same pants from Wednesday, but paired them with a fisherman’s sweater. It’s a solid sweater, and I still really like the pants, but I know he can do better. Hopefully his goal gives him the boost of confidence needed to move forward with some stronger looks.

But wait, there’s more...

Sounders FC Digital

Finally, I’d like to take a moment to talk about Román Torres. There’s a lot going here. As Jonathan Van Ness might say, Román is doing the most. That’s not necessarily bad, but it’s definitely ... a lot. We’ll start with his decision to borrow a look from the early ‘00s group Cleopatra: the goggles are really something, and his son is actually wearing a matching pair. Because it’s a weird move, and I wanted to know what they were, I did some research and they’re definitely Oakleys. I’m not sure exactly which Oakley ski goggles they are, but if you want your own pair, that’s where you should look. The sweatshirt is actually a pretty good top, and you could get one for yourself for $25 from H&M if you so wanted. An interesting little tidbit, this sweatshirt comes in two colorway options: this one that Torres is sporting, and a blue one with a different graphic that Nico Lodeiro actually wore in his shoot for the Sounders Monthly article on him from earlier this year. Without the goggles, it’s a solid if simple outfit. It’s not without the goggles, though, so instead it’s sort of a silly get-up from maybe one of the sillier Sounders currently on the roster.

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