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Meet the Sounder at Heart crew

This seems like a good opportunity to re-introduce our readers to some of the bylines they’ve been reading and will continue to read.

(Back, left to right) Niko Moreno, Dave Clark, Spenser Davis, Max Aquino, Andrew Harvey. (Front, l-r) Mark Kastner, Jeremiah Oshan, Realio.

With Dave leaving, we figured it was high time that we re-introduce ourselves to all of you. Most of these people have been around for years, but since we haven’t done this in a long time we figured you might find it interesting.


  • Jeremiah Oshan started reading Sounder at Heart shortly after it joined SB Nation and officially started working on the site in early 2010. Along the way, he started a Sounders-focused podcast (Nos Audietis), worked as the Sounders beat writer on (2012-2014) and was one of the founders of YachtCon (an annual charity event). He’s also claimed thousands (seriously) of bylines on Sounder at Heart. He’ll be assuming the role of Managing Editor here, but he’s also the Editor of Soccer Team Brands at SB Nation. You can find him Postgame Pontificating here or sharing random stats on Twitter.
  • Mark Kastner has been covering Major League Soccer in some capacity since 2014. While his passion is first and foremost about telling stories about Soccer, Mark is a professional digital media producer. Mark has produced countless pieces of visual, audio, and written content across various platforms. He has been a Sounder at Heart reader since 2011, and has been a member of the team since 2018. Mark approaches writing with the fan, player, and wider context in mind. He can often be found drilling deeper into the latest narrative in search for the big picture or testing out the latest meme. When not thinking or writing about the Sounders, Mark can be found posting pictures of his Corgi (Hattie) on Twitter.
  • Steve Voght has been covering Reign FC for Ride of the Valkyries since 2017, as well as working behind the scenes to help polish the other content you read on this site. He has been a Sounder at Heart reader and avid commenter since 2011. He became hooked on women’s soccer thanks in large part to the dramatic USWNT vs Brazil quarter-final game at the 2011 Women’s World Cup, and has been a Reign season ticket holder since their debut season. In his day job he is a scientific editor and approaches both his science and soccer writing with an analytical mind, asking questions about intent and trying to capture the bigger picture context in a way that is clear, concise, and relatable to the reader.
  • Andrew Tingkang, aka “agtk,” has been a reader of Sounder at Heart since 2009, a commenter since 2010, and a part of the team since January 2012. He is primarily an editor and moderator, though you may see his byline from time to time. These days he can be found mostly on Twitter, under the same name, posting about soccer, politics and video games.
  • Charles Caldwell’s Sounder at Heart involvement is mostly behind the scenes. He primarily edits Realio’s ratings, but will dive into other Sounders content as time allows. He also loves playing pickup soccer, coaching high school soccer, and watching fancy soccer.


  • Jacob Cristobal writes about Reign FC. He joined Sounder at Heart/Ride of the Valkyries in 2016, but has been covering the team since their inaugural season in 2013. Along with Susie Rantz, he co-hosts the Reign FC podcast, “Coffee & Valkyries”, and he is very much still part of the subset of soccer fans who are also pro wrestling fans.
  • Benjamin Harrison has been an analytics contributor to Sounder At Heart since 2013 (and a reader well before that), mostly as “nimajneb.” Ben is an educator and researcher in geology, microbiology, and environmental science, but enjoys studying the ecology of soccer players when he gets the chance. Ben is also an occasional contributor to, and always eager to test the limits of soccer statistics on questions regarding the Sounders or the sport, in general.
  • Chris Tobin mostly writes your “other” SaH gamethreads. What does that mean? He writes a weekly MLS Weekend open gamethread as well as the US Men’s National Team gamethreads for every game day, and in the summer summer he does a daily gamethread for the relevant men’s soccer tournament. He has been writing these on Sounder at Heart since the summer of 2014. He moved to Amsterdam from West Seattle in July 2018 with his wife and 1-year-old baby. Despite being on the other side of the world, he kept his Sounders season tickets and intends to move back at some point.
  • Beth Mantle (queenofcascadia) has been involved with Sounder at Heart since 2015, which has greatly shaped her knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the unique culture and community surrounding both the Sounders and soccer as a whole. Beth is currently a freshman studying business at the University of Washington. She can be found masquerading on the internet as Bread, with the sole claim to fame as the creator of Jorstian Mordan, MLS’s premier Best Friends. Beth happily spends not enough time studying and too much time painting 2-poles, searching for the perfect Rave Green eyeshadow, caring deeply about the team formerly known as S2, and talking about Jordan Morris.
  • Scott Burbidge has been a soccer fan since 2010 (though he did play goalie in high school despite a lack of abilities), a Sounders fan since 2011, and a Sounder at Heart reader since 2012. After writing some fanposts in 2015 and ‘16, Scott was promoted to the Sounder at Heart team at the end of 2016 and has been with us ever since. He writes about the Tacoma Defiance (he was also around and covered them back when they were known as S2). His focus is to let you all know what is going on at Cheney Stadium and to keep you abreast of the players who could one day play for the Seattle Sounders. He lives within 15 to 80 minutes of Cheney Stadium. In his spare time he supports Chelsea Football Club, LeBron James and the Seattle Mariners and is a nursing student. He is also, notedly, a big fan of Nouhou, though he tries to stay as objective as possible about the left back.
  • Susie Rantz is a geek, storyteller, and rescue dog advocate who has been covering Reign FC and the Sounders since 2014. While she grew up also playing basketball and running track, soccer became her sport after attending the 1999 Women’s World Cup final and then meeting Brandi Chastain shortly thereafter. Susie would be thrilled to talk about Lord of the Rings; anything written by Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman, or Laini Taylor; her hometown of Cashmere; the WNBA and anything related to women’s soccer; and the young adult novel she is oh-so-slowly writing.
  • Jacob Landsberg is a writer for Sounder at Heart who joined the team in 2015. Jacob has written across various topics for SaH, focusing mainly on salary and injury data. He’s scaled back to mainly links while in law school. He lives behind enemy lines in Eugene but has kept his Sounders license plates.
  • Miki Turner is a resident of south King County, having attended Decatur High School in Federal Way. He graduated from the University of Richmond (1997) with degrees in Political Science, Journalism and Spanish (lapsed, alas). He later graduated from California Western School of Law (2001) with a J.D., and after a break, has been practicing law in the State of Washington since 2003. His interest in sports and the law led him to start a sports law blog ( in 2018, where he’s covered the various legal issues involving soccer in the United States. He’s been a Sounders season-ticket holder since 2012, and maintains his tickets even as he’s transitioned to the media side. When he’s not attending games or writing about legal issues, he enjoys spending time with his family, friends and daughter. In his spare time, you can find him going through obscure legal documents, traveling or enjoying a nice cigar (sometimes all at once).
  • Realio from ratings here: I’m a computer engineer by trade, currently CIO/Manager of some other nerd types. I made my writing debut as the Daily Olympian’s teen opinion columnist in middle school, so I’ve had many years of experience being a know-it-all. I didn’t start playing soccer until high school, but it soon became my passion and I learned the game quickly as a solid 145-pound speedy winger with a pencil neck. My college soccer career was derailed by injury before it was rejuvenated in a dominating MVP performance at the Sounders media match. I attempt to watch the game with an analyzing and objective eye, which should come as no surprise to those who read my columns. I have a wife and two young boys who support my Sounders love with varying levels of enthusiasm, and two die-hard fan parents who both edit my writing (thanks Mom!) and give me a sounding board to talk anything soccer related. I think that my neck is completely adequate size now.
  • Tim Foss has been a fan of the Sounders since 2009, and a Sounder at Heart reader since 2010. He hopes to combine years of experience working in and around fashion with a love of soccer to explore the ways and places in which they intersect. When he’s not scouring the internet for designer bags and jackets, he can be found making candy or trying to keep the various plants alive that he and his partner have welcomed into their home.
  • Niko Moreno came to Sounder at Heart two years ago as a free transfer TAM signing thanks to a deal made by Dave Clark and Jeremiah Oshan. They had scouted him for a while and bought him in despite not having a lot of minutes in the position they wanted him to play. The transfer window, rumors and scoops are his speciality. He also brings to light stories from the Spanish-speaking players that would likely go uncovered if they required a translator. The Colombia native’s work also can be found at Deporte Total USA,, Univision Seattle, and ESPN Deportes.
  • MLS Watercolorist is an artist who likes to draw fun pictures to amuse themself and their friends on the internet. They are inspired by cartoons and comic strips like Calvin & Hobbes, vintage video games, and life in Seattle. You’ll often see their illustrations with our weekly How to Watch posts, as stand-alone reactions to particularly fun matches, or as hype leading up to rivalry games. @MLSwatercolors on Twitter and Instagram
  • Jacob Sweeney-Samuelson has been contributing daily links, editorial duties and the occasional breaking news story or feature to Sounder At Heart since 2014. His soccer fandom and knowledge has grown along with — and thanks to — this very site and its great community. Born and raised in Seattle, Jacob is now based in New York, where he’s a freelance writer, video producer and photo editor. He still makes it to three or four matches every season, and you can find him in the stands with the traveling fans whenever the Sounders visit New York, New Jersey or Philadelphia.
  • Spenser Davis has been writing about soccer for almost as long as he’s been writing professionally, from his first blog posts at World Soccer Talk after college to bylines at FourFourTwo and Howler Magazine. He spent two years as a beat reporter for Sounder at Heart before going to EA SPORTS to be the marketing copywriter for the FIFA franchise. You’ll see him help out at the site from time to time, like a nice old man who doesn’t know when it’s time to quit. Spenser currently lives in Seattle with his wife, son, and small dog. You can follow him on Twitter (@spenserdavis), mostly for rants about the Sounders, Liverpool, and TCU.


  • Max Aquino has been with Sounder at Heart for three seasons, but covering the Sounders with various outlets since 2014. While primarily a photographer, he will also occasionally drop an article on some of the niche aspects of soccer photography. He regularly shoots games for the Tacoma Stars, Western Washington University Vikings, Tacoma Defiance, as well as high school games in multiple sports. In addition, Max recently covered the start of the Iditarod. He co-runs a beginner soccer league through the Emerald City Supporters (ECS Pub League). You can follow him on Twitter (@maxaquinophoto).
  • Kayla Mehring joined Sounder at Heart last year, primarily covering S2 (now Tacoma Defiance). In addition to her duties here, she is the team photographer for the Tacoma Stars and the Sounders U-23s.
  • Mike Russell started photographing for Sounder at Heart beginning with the Reign’s first season of existence in 2013 (the season we try to forget.) His first Sounders assignment for SaH was Clint Dempsey’s unveiling (which happened to also be Mike’s birthday!) In 2014, he added Sounders matches to his SaH responsibilities and continued shooting both teams for three more seasons (plus the 2015 Women’s World Cup and Copa America.) After the Sounders’ MLS Cup-winning season in 2016, Mike stepped down from covering the Sounders, but continues to photograph the Reign and is looking forward to their new digs in Tacoma, and hopefully brighter stadium lights than at Memorial!

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