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Cristian Roldan fined for failing to leave field quickly enough

The MLS Disciplinary Committee, which issued this fine, is separate from the Independent Panel that reviews red cards.

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In a somewhat baffling decision, the MLS Disciplinary Committee has added a fine to Cristian Roldan’s red card punishment. The fine is for an undisclosed amount and cites “failing to leave the field in a timely manner” following his 18th minute red card. The Disciplinary Committee is a separate body from Independent Panel, which reviews red card decisions.

The attached video doesn’t seem to show any delay beyond the normal type of thing we see following red cards that require assistance.

From this vantage point, Kelvin Leerdam is the first player to walk away when Ted Unkel produces the red card at the :08 mark. Leerdam gets about halfway to the locker room before stopping, suggesting that he was possibly just frustrated and not under the belief he had been ejected. Around the same time, Unkel issues a yellow card to Mark-Anthony Kaye at :26. Roldan has still not left the field at that point, but there also seems to be some confusion as Unkel still appears to be communicating with VAR and talking to the sidelines and the players. The medical staff attending to Eduard Atuesta leaves the field at :40.

Around 1:20 into the video, Unkel appears to tell Roldan that he’s been sent off (possibly for a second time). Unkel continues talking to players and holding his finger to his ear — indicating communication with the booth — before directing Roldan to get off the field around 1:40. At that point, Roldan heads for the locker room, briefly stopping to chat with Kaye and then jogging the rest of the way. The clip ends at 2:20, notably without Unkel making any indication that he’s ready to restart play.

Even if it was clear that Roldan was being the one red carded, what seemingly delayed the restart was Unkel communicating his decision to the players and sidelines and getting input from VAR. At worse, Roldan was lingering around for about 90 seconds, likely hoping that Unkel might formally review the decision. Once it’s clear that isn’t happening, Roldan leaves the field in as timely a manner as any ejected player.

None of this should impact whether not the Sounders choose to challenge Roldan’s red card, but it’s at least possible that this fine could stand even if the card is rescinded.

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