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Sounders vs. RSL: Winners & Losers

Stefan Frei has 69 career shutouts. Big winner!

Max Aquino/Sounder at Heart


  • Stefan Frei’s resume: This was Frei’s 69th career shutout, which I’m sure a lot of you will appreciate. He’s still seventh all-time on the MLS charts, and will likely get to fifth by the end of the year. Notably, he’s picked up shutouts in about 27 percent of his appearances. That’s better than everyone ahead of him on the all-time list except Nick Rimando (29 percent), who also happens to be the all-time leader (145).
  • Will Bruin’s sleep hygiene: As you may have heard, Bruin is a new father. Sleep has been hard to come by over the past few weeks. But he managed to get six whole hours in the night before the RSL match. I’m sure that’s not what Damian Roden wants to hear, but I know parents can definitely commiserate with him.
  • Sounders’ penalty karma account: A week after having a handball waved off, the Sounders had at least two more compelling penalty shouts. The first was when Victor Rodriguez was tackled from behind near the endline. Then in the second half, a Jordan Morris cross hit an RSL’s defender’s arm. I’m not exactly sure how karma accounts work, but the Sounders should be solidly in the black after the last couple weeks.


  • Frei’s face: He didn’t look worse for wear in the postgame scrum, but that was pretty significant blast he absorbed. The worst part? Sam Johnson was offside and the save didn’t even count.
  • Anyone still worried about slow starts: While it’s not exactly true that the Sounders always start slowly, this is easily their best-ever five-game start. The quickest they’d ever previously gotten to 13 points was six games — in 2012 when they actually started 7-1-1. They’re now second in this e Supporters’ Shield standings and would be tied on points for the lead if they win on Wednesday.
  • The golden elevator: Someone brought this to my attention during the offseason and someone even asked Garth Lagerwey about it YachtCon. For those not in the know, that’s one of the halftime games they play on the Jumbtotron. I’ll admit I thought it was ridiculous. But I made note of it on Saturday and ... the golden elevator is now 0-16! Something is definitely amiss.

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