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Three’s company, too

The trio of Roldan, Roldan and Morris are as charming as can be

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Dr. Morris and the Brothers Roldan — Broldan if you’re nasty — entered the stadium together on Wednesday night, where Dr. Morris would sadly also feature prominently later in the evening. In this moment, though, it was all smiles as the three gentlemen arrived for work looking sharp and handsome as ever.

Cristian, when not rocking a shirt with a strong print, still puts together a good look, although a more understated one. This particular sweater/blazer piece is a favorite of his, and while he may not be a burgeoning style maven, he’s still got good pieces and he wears them together well. The color scheme is simple, with a crisp white shirt under the grey outer layer, slim-not-skinny slacks in a brilliant blue color, and a nice pair of lace-ups in a great cognac brown color. He might not hit a golazo every time he steps on the field, but you can expect quality from Cristian any time he’s called upon.

Alex’s look here is certainly more casual, but it’s a really good outfit. Black denim and black boots, which I think are a suede Chelsea boot, are such a strong combo that you could finish the look off with almost anything and it’s going to work. Roldanito went with a nautical-striped tee and a mustardy chore coat, providing a bright, warm pop of color and a simple, stylish pattern to make a really strong outfit.

I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the great brows and facial hair of the Broldans. There’s not a lot of personal grooming guidance to take away from this, other than keeping your beard close and lined up for a clean look, but unless your beard grows in as fully as theirs that early on, you’re kind of on your own.

Since Dr. Morris is here, I want to talk about him. It’s clear that he’s taken some style guidance from another doctor, Dr. Dre, as Jordan’s dad rocks his slacks with a “cuff and a crease,” just like Dr. Dre said in his seminal work “Forgot About Dre.” The fit of his slacks is actually pretty good, and you’ve got to love a dad who wears his phone in a clip on his belt. I actually really like the bag that Dr. Morris has here, and while it doesn’t seem like they still make this exact one, you could get a similar one from Kipling if you like it as well.

This isn’t style or fashion related, but photos like these remind me of the difficult position that Dr. Morris must be in when he has to be both dad and doctor in a situation like the one on Wednesday night. Seeing Jordan hurt — both physically and emotionally — and knowing that he still has to do his job can’t be easy, and I just hope they’re both doing alright.

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Getting back to the point of this column, let’s talk about Román Torres. He comes with a strong, simple black and grey color scheme, but makes one of my favorite style moves by going bold with his choice of outerwear. I love a coat in a bright color or a strong pattern, and this plaid number that Román’s got is really working for me. I appreciate that he’s also a jewelry man, seemingly always wearing a couple of bracelets and a watch in addition to his bigass wedding ring. He already had the best hair on the team, but I’m really digging the new way that he’s got his braids styled. While we won’t get to see much of the guys’ style in the coming weeks, at least we’ll still get to see Román’s hair with some regularity.

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I like to believe that, to some extent, you can tell a fair amount about a player by how they dress. Soccer at this level is a game of confidence, if they didn’t have the skill they wouldn’t have made it, and a lot of what takes guys to the next level is a belief in yourself. How you choose to dress is a reflection of that confidence, and can even help to bolster that confidence. I also think that a player’s style can shine through similarly in their clothing choices and in their game.

Raúl Ruidíaz is an excellent example of this, as his style is simultaneously very simple and also SO extra. The hat and shirt here are both pretty toned down pieces from his beloved SikSilk, and I actually am pretty into the shirt. His jeans are very skinny and very distressed, but not so much as to look painted on or cartoonish. His shoes are, well, they’re a lot. They’re Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers, and they’re kind of ridiculous, but he pulls them off and I kind of love it. If you don’t look too closely there’s not a ton to get excited about, but when you start to dig into the details somehow everything is being executed at an incredibly high level.

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Stef kept it real simple with a black shirt and some black slacks, and topped it off with a cool grey unstructured blazer. It’s stylish and clean, and it’s the sort of simple excellence that we expect from him week after week.

Sounders FC Digital

I don’t think that they planned it, but I like that Brad and Stef basically wore different riffs on the same idea. It’s a black shirt and black pants with a grey jacket, but instead of a blazer and slacks, Brad’s rocking a rad trucker jacket and a pair of motopants. It’s a combo that just works, and if you’re ever not sure what to wear a solid black and grey outfit is almost always going to be a good move. I really like this jacket, it’s basically a much nicer version of one that I just bought. I’m glad to see Brad growing beyond jeans and a sweatshirt, and dressing head-to-toe in designer labels. He seems more confident and comfortable, and it’s showing on the field as well.

We’re already over 1,000 words, so here are some especially quick hits from the video:

  • Shouts to Kim Kee-hee and his nautical stripes, making that two players rocking them in this edition.
  • I love Jordan Morris. I’ll be lighting a candle and hoping to have him gracing this column and scoring goals again soon.

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