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Qatar v. Argentina, Copa America and Gold Cup: game threads and how to watch

Group B finishes in Copa America and Group A finishes in the Gold Cup.

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Argentina v Paraguay: Group B - Copa America Brazil 2019 Photo by Juliana Flister/Getty Images

Copa America group stage finales continue with Group B kicking off. Colombia has already secured the top spot in Group B.

Paraguay has drawn their first two matches and get "lucky" playing Colombia when they have nothing to play for. Paraguay has shown nothing inspiring yet, especially when they blew a 2-0 lead over Qatar. The only sure fire way to advance, beat Colombia. Colombia probably rotates their squad to get players who haven't seen the field yet some minutes.

Argentina and Qatar both had hard fought draws against Paraguay and showed little fight against Colombia. Going into Copa America, it was presumed that Qatar would fight but fall in each match and instead has looked within punching distance in each match. Between Qatar and Argentina today, Qatar has been the more threatening team so far. Qatar has done much of their coming from behind and having yield possession before striking via the counter. Against Paraguay they held more possession for a while, but that's how they gave up goals. Argentina loves possession but does very little with it, averaging about 54% possession over the two games but without many threatening chances. Qatar is likely going to sit back, let Argentina posses in the midfield, and then attack on the counter. Argentina's midfield does not recover well on the counter and their center backs can be split easily. Argentina's best strength is also a weakness, over reliance on Leo Messi. Messi is a great player and his brilliance creates goals, but also leads to stagnant play if he goes cold.

Peru had its toughest test of Copa America and failed it about as badly as you could, falling 5-0 to Brazil. The lone bright spot came near the end when Gabriel Jesus drew a PK, took it, and had it saved. Peru, thankfully for them, are not eliminated by the drubbing but went from almost certain advancement to about a 50-50 chance.

Venezuela looked fine getting draws against Peru and Brazil but against Bolivia they showed big time grabbing a 3-1 win and looking the dominate side throughout. With their win, Venezuela secured the 2nd spot in the group and a place in the knockout rounds.

The Gold Cup starts its group stage finales with Group A kicking off. Unlike Copa America, the Gold Cup does not have simultaneous kickoffs.

Canada kicks off against Cuba, who does not appear to have had any more defections. Cuba after two matches has more defections than goals scored and stands to be shutout by Canada today. Canada showed against Mexico last time out, they can put up the good fight, but still was a step below El Tri. Unfortunately for Cuba, they did show they are better than Martinique. A 5-0 Canada win would continue the average 5-0 loss for Cuba and fit perfectly in the middle of the Mexico and Martinique scorelines. Canada likely advances with a win, especially a big one, but will not he guaranteed their knockout round place until Martinique and Mexico finish. Group A has the potential to finish with three teams on 6 points, the only one that can say that.

Martinique looked magnitudes better against Cuba in a 3-0 win that should've been much higher. For their final match, they have to defeat tournament front-runners Mexico. If they do, it'll be through their playmaker Kevin Fortune. Fortune grabbed a goal and two assists against Cuba and was the spark for the attack against Canada. It will be up to him and some better quality in front of goal for the still goalless, Kevin Parsemain. Martinique will need to win and get some help from Cuba to advance, so it will be unlikely, but beating Mexico is a big piece. Mexico meanwhile will try to use this to work out the final pieces that have been bothering them, largely what is the solution to the CB pairing and defensive mids for the knockout rounds. They’ve tried a different pairing for each match of the tournament and the two friendlies leading up to the Gold Cup. While no one has tested them tremendously and they have only allowed one goal, they will be tested in the knockout rounds if they have not figured it out.

What to Watch?

  • Colombia’s bench want goals. Colombia is bound to get some players involved that have yet to be involved, or heavily involved, in this match since they can’t be caught. Who from the bench gets to start and how do they show they deserve more playing time in the knockout rounds? The attack against Qatar created tons of chances but was pitiful with their final touch or shot, so will that improve?
  • Can Paraguay put it all together? They came fairly close against Argentina when the only goal they conceded was a penalty from Leo Messi. In both games they’ve only been able to provide strong offense or strong defense but not able to do both at the same time. Can they today? Will Miguel Almiron show up when his team needs him?
  • Who joins Messi? While the potential best player in history can do everything, he can’t play 11v1. He needs help. He can’t produce all their goals and chances. So who shows up with him today? The problem in their first two games is that no one really has. That was also the problem at the 2018 World Cup for Argentina. So can they overcome Messi Syndrome and take down Qatar?
  • Can Qatar mark Messi out of the match and steal a win? They’ve looked the better side in this tournament so far but they are still tied and needing a result today to finish better than Argentina. They held Colombia to no goals till the last minute but not from a lack of chances, can they keep it cleaner in front of goal against the Argentines?
  • Jonathan David. John Herdman benched him in favor of Cyle Larin against Mexico and the attack looked less dangerous. When David subbed on, Davies had a speedy partner to operate with and the attack came to life. Will Jonathan David get the start? If so, expect him to show Herdman he should be the starter going forward and try to bag a hat trick over Cuba.
  • Kevin Fortune. Fortune has been the most exciting player for Martinique and his quality and creativity will be what decides if Martinique threatens Mexico’s goal or just hangs on for life against the Mexican attack.

Copa America Standings

Group B Standings

Points Wins Draws Losses GD GF GA
Points Wins Draws Losses GD GF GA
Colombia 6 2 0 0 3 3 0
Paraguay 2 0 2 0 0 3 3
Qatar 1 0 1 1 -1 2 3
Argentina 1 0 1 1 -2 1 3
Through two matches

Copa America Advancing Scenarios

Top two finishers automatically advance and top two of the three third places teams advance. To Finish Top Two:

  • Colombia: Guaranteed to finish first.
  • Paraguay: Secures second with a win, or a draw and an QAT-ARG draw.
  • Qatar: Secures second with a win and a Paraguay draw or loss.
  • Argentina: Secures second with a win and a Paraguay draw or loss.
  • If Paraguay wins, third place scenarios: If QAT-ARG ends in a draw, Peru advances. If QAT-ARG has a winner, the winner advances as a third place team.
  • If Paraguay ties, third place scenarios: Peru advances as a third place team. Uruguay is guaranteed to advance.
  • Peru can’t be eliminated today by any result.
  • Ecuador can be eliminated if Paraguay wins and QAT-ARG has a winner.

Gold Cup Standings

Gold Cup Group A Standings

Points Wins Draws Losses GD GF GA
Points Wins Draws Losses GD GF GA
Mexico 6 2 0 0 9 10 1
Canada 3 1 0 1 2 5 3
Martinique 3 1 0 1 -1 3 4
Cuba 0 0 0 2 -10 0 10
Through two matches

Gold Cup Advancing Scenarios

Only the top teams advance from any group.

  • Mexico: Wins the group with a draw or win. Advances with a loss, if they lead on GD. Are ahead of Martinique by 10. Martinique must win by five to tie on GD, six to beat Mexico.
  • Canada: Wins the group with a win and a Mexico lose, if they close a seven GD. (Win 5-0, Mexico lose 4-1). Tying on goal differential, goes to goals for, are behind Mexico now by five. Canada advances with a win or draw, if Martinique draws or losses to Mexico. Canada can advance with a loss, if Martinique losses. If Canada and Martinique win, Canada has a plus six goal differential on Martinique to be overcome.
  • Martinique: Advances with a win and a Canada draw or loss. Advances with a draw and a Canada loss. Martinique advances with a win and a Canada win, if they win by at least six. Martinique wins the group with a win of at least six goals if Canada draws or losses. Martinique wins the group with a win of at least six goals more than Canada wins by.

How to Watch?

Qatar v. Argentina

Group: B (Copa America)

Location: Arena do Grêmio, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Date and time: June 23, 2019, 12:00 p.m. PT

TV: Telemundo (Spanish)

Streaming: ESPN+ (affiliate link), Telemundo, FuboTV (affiliate link)

Colombia v. Paraguay

Group: B (Copa America)

Location: Fonte Nova Arena, Salvador, Brazil

Date and time: June 23, 2019, 12:00 p.m. PT

TV: Telemundo (Spanish)

Streaming: ESPN+ (affiliate link), Telemundo, FuboTV (affiliate link)

Canada v. Cuba

Group: A (Gold Cup)

Location: Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC

Date and time: June 23, 2019, 3 p.m. PT

TV: FS2 (English), Univision (Spanish)

Streaming: Fox Sports Go, Univision, FuboTV(affiliate link)

Martinique v. Mexico

Group: A (Gold Cup)

Location: Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC

Date and time: June 23, 2019, 5:30 p.m. PT

TV: FS1 (English), Univision (Spanish)

Streaming: Fox Sports Go, Univision, FuboTV (affiliate link)

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This is your Sounder at Heart Copa America and Gold Cup thread. Watch with us.

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