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Seattle Sounders vs. Columbus Crew: Highlights, stats and quotes

“I had speeches [at halftime], I can’t swear on TV. But, look, we made some tactical adjustments.” -Brian Schmetzer

Match Data


Seattle Sounders FC 2 - Columbus Crew SC 1

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Venue: MAPFRE Stadium

Referee: Chris Penso

Assistants: Jeffrey Greeson, Eric Boria

Fourth Official: Marcos de Oliveira

VAR: Jose Carlos Rivero

Attendance: 14,183

Weather: 76 degrees and scattered showers


CLB - Pedro Santos (penalty) 13’

SEA - Nicolás Lodeiro (penalty) 56’

SEA - Nicolás Lodeiro 90’+6’


CLB - David Guzman (caution) 29’

CLB - Pedro Santos (caution) 42’

SEA - Danny Leyva (caution) 70’

CLB - Artur (caution) 79’

CLB - Harrison Afful (caution) 86’

SEA - Nicolás Lodeiro (caution) 86’

CLB - Luis Argudo (caution) 90’+3’


Seattle Sounders FC - Stefan Frei; Kelvin Leerdam, Román Torres, Xavier Arreaga, Brad Smith; Gustav Svensson, Danny Leyva, Alex Roldan (Harry Shipp 68’), Nicolás Lodeiro, Víctor Rodríguez (Justin Dhillon 86’); Alfonso Ocampo-Chavez (Saad Abdul-Salaam 73’)

Substitutes not used: Bryan Meredith, Kim Kee-hee, Nouhou, Jordy Delem

Total shots: 12 (Lodeiro, 4)

Shots on goal: 4 (Lodeiro, 2)

Fouls: 6 (Leyva/Lodeiro, 2)

Offside: 0

Corner-kicks: 1 (Lodeiro, 1)

Saves: 1 (Frei, 1)

Columbus Crew SC - Joe Bendik; Harrison Afful, Josh Williams (Alex Crognale 63’), Gaston Sauro, Waylon Francis; David Guzman, Artur, Hector Jimenez (Robinho 68’), Pedro Santos, Luis Argudo; J.J. Williams (Patrick Mullins 76’)

Substitutes not used: Jon Kempin, Aboubacar Keita, Ricardo Clark, Eduardo Sosa

Total shots: 9 (Guzman, 3)

Shots on goal: 2 (Santos/Williams, 1)

Fouls: 16 (Artur, 5)

Offside: 2 (Artur/Mullins, 1)

Corner-kicks: 2 (Guzman/Santos, 1)

Saves: 2 (Bendik, 4)

Post-Match Quotes


Head Coach Brian Schmetzer

On the post-match fireworks matching the fireworks on the field

That’s what you’re going to start with? Lot of fireworks, lot of fireworks on the field a lot of fireworks off the field.

On Nico Lodeiro’s contribution

I mean, look, Nico got the two goals. But what I would say to all of you, is that, there was a lot of leadership provided by each and everyone of the Sounders that were out there. I’m talking about Danny Leyva, I’m talking about Gustav [Svensson], I’m talking about Steff [Stefan Frei], I’m talking about Victor [Rodriguez], I’m talking about Harry Shipp when he came on. I’m talking about never giving up. Dhillon, Justin Dhillon. I mean, there was guys in their own way, either leading by example, or leading by getting guys organized in front of them — Roman [Torres], Joevin [Jones]. I mean, there was a lot of leadership on the field in many definitions of the word.

On whether his team adjusted after Crew SC’s penalty kick or just played

No, we just played on. That was an unfortunate deal for Danny to have to work through. Again, I got to give the kid credit, it could have sunk a lot of young players. A lot of guys could of lost their confidence, and he didn’t. He actually played a lot better in the second half.

On the adjustments were made at halftime

I had speeches on that one, I can’t swear on TV. But, look, we made some tactical adjustments. We needed to get the ball better from back to front. Columbus [Crew SC] did a good job in the first half of staying in a mid-block. We were getting frustrated. They did a good job. Caleb [Porter] had his game plan working. Then, we kind of figured it out. We kind of figured out a way how to get past their initial pressure, and that opened things up for us in the second half.

On what he saw on the field in the 83rd minute

Yeah, I mean, you know, teams around the world, players around the world, coaches around the world for that matter, are confronted with the same thing. If a guy goes down with an injury, do you stop the play, or do you not stop the play? That’s a question each player, each coach, each organization has to answer. Things get heated, it’s pro sports. They’re a desperate team, they wanted to get three points at home. We certainly didn’t want to put our player at risk at injury for any longer. Stuff like that happens. I was just happy that our guys kept their cool for the last 10, 12, 15 minutes of the game and find a way.

On Nico Lodeiro’s second goal

It’s something we used a lot even with Kelvin [Leerdam] out there. You know, Saad might be able to throw it even further and faster than Calvin. So, in this particular case, it worked. We had a couple of big guys in the box. Justin did a good job of flicking it on and Nico was reading the flight of the ball, bounced to him, and he put it away.

Overall thoughts on the match at MAPFRE Stadium

Well, my thoughts of the finish were [that] I was very appreciative of all the fans who visited us in New York and continued their journey here to Columbus. […] I know there was a lot of people from the Heartland Horde that were here. There are a lot of Sounders fans who deserve victories like these. I know the game in New York wasn’t our best outing performance, but they stuck with us. They drove all this way, and tonight we were able to reward. Thank you guys, as always. Again, I’ll end it with, you know, the team deserves all the credit. Those guys never quit in there, and they found a way to win.

On Alfonso Ocampo-Chavez making his first start

Great, congratulated him, did his work. Active. Very good.

On Victor Rodriguez’s injury status.

We will check in back in Seattle, but you know, hamstring tightness.

On how he chooses the centerback pairings

No, we don’t have a set pairing. I am blessed always have had Chad [Marshall], Roman [Torres] and Kim [Kee-hee]and now Roman, Kim and Joevin [Jones]. I’ve been blessed. You know Saad [Abdul-Salaam] played well in center back the other night as well.

Defender Kelvin Leerdam

On Nicolas Lodeiro scoring two goals after only a month back with the club

Very good, very good. It’s not easy to be away for so long and come back and have a big impact like that. But everyone knows Nico, he’s a smart player, he does what he does and today was two goals, but maybe the next game is five or six, we don’t know.

On being a leader for Seattle Sounders FC and how his leadership has grown

It’s not that, I have been a captain of my former team and it’s not new for me. Just at my former team, San Jose [Earthquakes], that’s what the locker room expects from you. When something happens you have to use your head and be there for the team. You are a spokesperson from the coach towards the team, and I offer it to my guys. I just do my role, we have Nico (Nicolas Lodeiro), the staff, and all the guys, but on the pitch you try to do what’s best for your team. You don’t want to get a red card or get distracted with only five or eight minutes left. Stay focused, the referees made a decision not to play the ball out, and in the end that’s kind of how we won.

Midfielder Nicolas Lodeiro

On the flight of the ball coming in before he scored

I never imagined the ball was coming for me because I’m a small guy [chuckles] so I shot the ball with my head. I don’t know why the ball came to me but I stayed there and scored..

On whether he was surprised the ball came towards him

Yes, I was surprised because I never pass the ball through a headbutt, I like to pass the ball with my foot and not with my head but that sometimes happens and today was very lucky for the team.

On Seattle Sounders FC getting its first road win since March

I know, it [has] been a long time since we won away, so for us, for our comfort, this is very important because in the second part of the year we need a key point away from home. For our confidence when we win away it’s very important.


Head Coach Caleb Porter

On the emotion of the final seconds

Yeah, it’s extremely – best word I can describe [it] is painful. To give all that we gave - again, we’ve been doing to for six games now with the group that we have and every game we show up, we play well in the first half. In this case we got the first goal. We showed more fight today than any of the other games, even all the way to the end but you can’t win games by making some of the mistakes we’ve been making. I mean, it’s a long throw in that we back-head on our own goal. You can’t win games if you’re going to make those type of mistakes. It should be an easy header – head out – easy head out.

On whether the pause at the end of the second half affected the momentum of the match

It can’t affect us. Those things happen. We got to stay mentally tough. I thought, again, we showed a bit more of that [mental toughness] today. We’ve been working on that. I wasn’t pleased with the first 10 minutes of the second half, but I liked the fight after that – the response after that. But for me, you can’t let those things affect you. It’s all about making routine plays, guys. I mean, if you can’t make those plays – soit’s disappointing because they’re [Seattle Sounders FC] not breaking us down – no team is breaking us down. You see how organized we are. Everything is going as planned, there is nothing that’s surprising happening in the match whatsoever and we’re getting chances, we’re in positions. We’re not scoring enough, it comes down to finishing and quality and we’re shooting ourselves in the foot. That’s a long throw-in. If you really think about how that goal [was] scored. A guy literally throws it out of his hands, and we back-head it to [Nicolas] Lodeiro to just pop it in the back of the net. It can’t happen at this level - can’t happen. So, we have to look at those mistakes and there has to be accountability, because we can’t keep losing games that way, because we keep playing well enough to win but when you get guys that don’t make routine plays, we’re going to be in trouble – always going to be trouble. Because there’s always going to be crosses, there’s always going to be throw-ins, there’s always going to be set pieces. Defenders that make it and are on top level teams, they make those plays nine out of 10 times and same thing on the other end. And we missed a two-yard shot. I don’t even know how it goes over the goal. It’s harder to miss than make, you know? So, for me, it’s not enough composure, not enough quality. But I like the evolution of the team, [and] the team, but we definitely need more quality in the moments and we’re making mistakes that can’t happen at this level.

On whether he got clarification on why Patrick Mullins’ goal was offside

I haven’t seen it yet, no. I thought the handball too was, I haven’t seen that one either but, it’s hard to be too disappointed. We got a PK, they got one too, it’s tough. We knew that they were going to create through [Brad] Smith and [Kelvin]Leerdam crossing balls in and [Nicolas] Lodeiro, and those are the two things that we talked about where they would be dangerous, and sure enough, Lodeiro draws a PK, we don’t pick him up and obviously on the long throw, we don’t pick him up. He’s the one guy that I felt could score for them, without [Raul] Ruidiaz and [Jordan] Morris and [Cristian] Roldan and some of these guys. We knew they would get crosses through Smith, he’s a very good player, and Leerdam as well, I thought we managed that pretty well, I thought we defended crosses well. You know, I thought everything we wanted to do, in terms of execution was there except for the first ten minutes of the second half. It’s all psychological, but then from there our response was good, our fight was good, I was really pleased with that. It was the first game that I felt we had somewhat of a push at the end, and then worst-case scenario. And again, a lot of it is psychological and a lot of it is individual confidence, composure and quality. The more quality you have, the more confidence you have, so they’re connected.

On players returning to Crew SC soon and whether it will be difficult to finish in a top-seven spot

Well we just got to approach it one at a time, we can’t play all 14 games, we can only play one at a time. We know we get some reinforcements back, it’s almost like we have six, seven new signings coming in and for sure the group will look a lot different, but I’m pleased with the group [in the] last six games, I thought we evolved. We’re missing key guys, but I thought in every game, we were there. It’s just disappointing that we don’t find a result because I think we played well enough in every game and I thought the execution overall was good enough, but again it comes down to those moments and we just give goals away, and it’s all in here [points to head] which is connectedthough - to quality.

On whether there were some minor details in the first half that needed to be fixed

No. I said in transition, the details of the final ball needed to be better. So, in transition there were a couple times where we got out on a break, we had good numbers, we’re just missing the final pass. N That’s what I said at halftime.

Midfielder Artur

On if this is a low point in the season for Crew SC

I think it is past the point where we could not make any more mistakes. We still sometimes lose the focus and do not do the right plays. I think there is nothing else we can say, we just need to act and do it right.

On Nicolas Lodeiro’s goal

It is always hard when there is a goal against us and, in this moment, it is even worse. It was one in play where I could have denied it and not let that happen and then he do[es]. It is hard when you have the chance to score, you’ve got to score often.

On the team’s fight moving forward

For sure, I think any game you have to keep fighting and I think this group has this character. But it hasn’t been enough. We have to fight and you have to make plays to win the game and we’ve got to be better. There is no other way and we cannot let this happen because there are already too many mistakes. We’ve got to stop this, we’ve got to stop it and stop the mistakes, defensive mistakes and we’ve got to do the offensive plays right.

Midfielder Hector Jimenez

On whether Crew SC can build off the fight the team showed in tonight’s match

Absolutely. Caleb [Porter] talked a little bit about the fight after the goal, but we’re missing some guys as well, it will be nice to have them back. But these games at home, we’ve made it a priority to win points, and we can’t be dropping points. It sucks that we obviously didn’t get the win today, but there’s bits and pieces you can take out and hopefully apply to the next game.

On whether or not it’s too late to turn the season around

I don’t think it’s ever too late, especially given some of the results that have kind of gone our way. These last games, a lot of the games this year, it seems we lose by one goal and it’s … late in the second half. It’s just tough but we keep fighting and battling and getting back to our training facility and trying to find a solution to this.

On being in this situation at this point in the season

It’s tough. It’s tough because a lot of us have never experienced this situation before and we’re just going through it and trying to push as a team and we got to remain positive even though the results aren’t coming and keep pushing. And that’s all we can do, keep pushing, working hard, hopefully things turn.

On the Crew SC players returning next week

We can’t always rely on it; every team will miss players during the course of the year, everyone has to step up and perform. It’s a profession and if you don’t get the job done, at the end of the day, players come and go, it’s a business. We’ll get it right, we’ll keep battling and go to the training field and come up with a game plan for the next game, which is probably Orlando [City SC] on the road I believe. Hopefully with the guys back we can turn things around.

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