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Match Fitness: The Emancipation of JMo Smooth

The evolution of Jordan Morris’s style leads the line this week.

Jordan Morris lookin’ like a snack
Sounders FC Digital

Jordan Morris (pictured above) is a surprisingly divisive figure in the world of American soccer. He broke onto the scene in 2016 as a wholesome-looking 21-year-old who had signed for his hometown team rather than taking a gamble with Werder Bremen in Germany. His trajectory hasn’t always been as positive as we might have hoped, and some have placed the blame for that on his choice to play in Seattle rather than, say, a series of injuries. While his growth on the field has at times come in fits and starts, the evolution of Morris’ off-field style has constantly evolved and seems to have really found a new level this season.

For much of his pro career, Morris seemed like a guy whose favorite drink was milk. To look at him, you could just as easily imagine him working on his family’s Midwest corn farm as being the driving force behind the Sounders attack. These days, though, Jordan’s look isn’t nearly as clean-cut. He looks less like a school boy and more like an R&B singer that you’d be surprised to find out is a white guy. The five o’clock shadow, the understated but stylish haircut, especially that Jesus chain he’s been rocking, it all adds up to a cross between Jon B and George Michael in the shape of a genuine American Soccer Star. He’s a damn snack, and I’m not ashamed to say it.

With the thirsting out of the way, I’ll say that his outfit is solid. I think we’ve seen more-or-less this exact outfit before, but there’s a detail that we’ve not spotted from him before. In the video the team posted, you’ll notice that our guy’s rocking a BRIGHT pair of sneakers. The sneakers are notable not only for how the neon yellow stands out, but for being another Off-White x Nike product. These Air Force 1 Low Volts are a bona fide grail, and Morris isn’t the only Seattle star to own a pair. If you’ve ever seen into the #SueCloset, you may have glimpsed a pair of these on display in Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe’s home.

Nicolas Lodeiro
Sounders FC Digital

Nico Lodeiro’s hair is maybe the one area where his decision-making can be suspect. There was the dye job, then the growing out of the roots under the dye job, we’ve seen buzzcuts and now a clean shave that’s starting to grow out. At this stage, it’s starting to be a little more clear why the captain may be opting for close cuts and bleach: the hairline’s starting to recede a little and the hair color isn’t exactly uniform. There’s nothing wrong with any of that, but you can see why he’s maybe reaching for some more youthful-seeming styles with his hair.

That said, the buzzcut in conjunction with his open Burberry shirt kind of has him looking like a Bond villain, or at the very least a prominent tech billionaire. The rest of his accouterments are pretty standard for Nico, with the Louis Vuitton bag and his extensive assortment of mate gear. The grey denim is pretty classic Lodeiro, as well. On the whole, it’s a decent look, nothing less than you’d expect from the Uruguayan creator.

Xavier Arreaga
Sounders FC Digital

Xavier Arreaga has been, well, I don’t want to say that he’s been a disappointment, but he certainly hasn’t lived up to the hope or promise that he arrived with. It’s reasonable to expect more from a DP centerback, even if he’s really a DP in name only. That’s not to say there’s nothing to like, he just hasn’t yet been able to put it all together. That’s normal, it takes time to adjust to new leagues, and to adjust to new teammates and partnerships. He’ll figure it out with time.

In the immediate future, though, I think Arreaga could really step up his style with one or two quick shopping trips. I don’t necessarily dislike this outfit, the polo’s even a pretty cool piece, but the whole thing is just a little flat. Maybe he and Kee-hee can do some bonding while shopping this weekend when the team’s in LA?

Luis Silva and Emanuel Cecchini
Sounders FC Digital

The two newest Sounders, Luis Silva and Emanuel Cecchini, were in attendance for this game, and both brought solid looks to the stadium. It’s tough to go too wrong when you’re putting an outfit together if you start with a clean pair of sneakers and a pair of black denim that fits well. They’re both sporting the Sounders stadium jacket, which is effectively a branded bomber — always a strong choice, just ask Karamo from Queer Eye. Cecchini opted to finish his look off with a cool, casual, super unstructured white tee, while Silva reached for a cool denim shirt. The wash of the denim shirt is a really nice, classic blue that works with just about any outfit, but looks especially nice with the black denim.

Raúl Ruidíaz
Sounders FC Digital

Raúl Ruidíaz went with an all-black look that makes him look like a very flashy assassin of some sort. The fit of everything is as tight as usual, and it works for him. Since there’s not a ton going on, clothing-wise, I’m going to focus on the accessories here. Ruidíaz is undoubtedly the biggest jewelry guy in the squad. He rocks those big diamond hoops, he almost always seems to have a super clean chain on, he likes a big watch, and today he’s even got a couple of bracelets on the opposite wrist to sort of balance out the watch. I can’t quite make out what the bracelets are, exactly, but my default position is to be in favor of men wearing nice jewelry.

As much as he likes jewelry, Ruidíaz likes his hats even more. This is one of his many hats from a company in Peru called Zeomo. I’ve only been able to find their Instagram page, which suggests that they have an online store, but that’s where you should start looking if you want a hat like his. This one in particular is customized with “RR9” embroidered on the side.

Crisitan and Alex Roldan
Sounders FC Digital

The Brothers Roldan didn’t coordinate their outfits like they did last time, to my minor disappointment. Alex did stick with his floral prints, though, opting for a sort of dusty red-orange print in a slightly larger scale than his green number from the last home game. Cristian went for a blue look with a light-colored chambray shirt that’s got an easy fit to it, lending a relaxed, breezy vibe that I’m sure was nice once the clouds had burnt off and the sun was shining.

These two hardly ever seem to put a sartorial foot wrong, and it really doesn’t hurt that they’re both stunningly handsome dudes. Alex has a sense for fit and detail that, well, I wish translated more to his game on the field. At least if the whole soccer thing doesn’t work out for him, I think he could have a legit career as a model for fashion editorial stuff. Regardless, I’ll keep looking forward to seeing what the Broldans wear as they arrive to the stadium the rest of the season.

It’s going to be a couple of weeks before we see each other like this again, so I’ll just leave you with this video from the club. Please enjoy Bryan Meredith being an incredibly well-dressed goof.

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