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Match Fitness: Matchy-matchy

The Broldans are similar, but not the same.

Broldans in their finest prints
Sounders FC Digital

Contrary to what we may all remember from Sunday, the team did arrive before the start of the second half. That might be harsh, but losing sucks, and it even makes writing about clothes a little bit harder. Nevertheless, we all have our roles to play.

The Brothers Roldan (pictured above) arrived to the stadium in thematically connected floral prints. The shirts are working within a similar color scheme, and both are floral prints, but the scales of the individual prints are drastically different. Cristian’s is more of a jungle motif comprised primarily of leaves and vines — it’s actually a shirt we’ve seen on him before, and is another Adidas grail which he’s managed to be among the few to get their hands on — and continues his preference for generally larger-scale prints. Alex’s shirt is a much smaller-scale print, almost a micro floral print, made up of single stem flowers. The shirt’s not quite as casual, and Alex wears it a little bit more buttoned-up than his older brother wears his, perhaps an expression of the gap in confidence and level of establishment in the team between the two.

The sort-of-matching outfits don’t stop at the shirts, as the Broldans have very similar gold watches, as well. I also can’t be sure because of how the image is framed, but I’d bet that Alex is also wearing khakis like Cristian’s. I love matching outfits, they’re the best!

Xavier Arreaga
Sounders FC Digital

I like this shirt a lot. The diagonal stripes across the chest are pretty simple, but still have a big graphic impact. The logo on the pocket is kind of a lot, but the white embroidery on the light blue fabric makes it stand out a bit less, and it’s a decent looking logo. I even like the way that Arreaga has the shirt styled, the collar unbuttoned gives it a casual feel, and the way he’s got his sleeves rolled and pushed up is a pretty cool look. All together, though, I just feel like we could be seeing more from him. Maybe it’ll just take some time; maybe once he’s fully settled and moved into a permanent home he’ll have more time for some shopping. Maybe he, Nico, and Raúl can have a boys’ day and go do some shopping together?

Justin Dhillon
Sounders FC Digital

There’s not a lot going on here. Justin Dhillon looks good, although not exactly spectacular. It’s tough to go wrong with a classic Polo shirt, and this black one is definitely a solid choice. The cut of these shirts can be a little awkward on some folks, as they tend to be cut on the longer side, but on a man of Dhillon’s stature it works excellently. It doesn’t hurt that his arms fill out the short sleeves, either. I’d be interested to see how he finished off this look, but what I do see here doesn’t quite have me clamoring for more pictures of his particular style.

Now that that’s done, I hope we can all move forward and never think about that game again. I’m glad the team doesn’t have to play SKC again during the regular season, and I hope they can get back to winning ways against New England on Saturday. That would make this whole exercise a lot more enjoyable.

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