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Match Fitness: Hot Boy Summer is eternal

With the changing of the seasons the guys can finally start dressin’

Jordan Morris
Sounders FC Digital

Look, I’m not going to beat around the bush here: Jordan Morris (pictured above) is hot now. Yes, since returning from the Gold Cup he’s basically been playing in NBA Jam Heat Mode, but I’m talking about Jordan Morris the person, not Jordan Morris the player. Just look at that picture again. He’s a dime and he knows it, and he’s dressing like it these days. Jordan hits just about every note of this outfit with the same strength that makes him a game-changer on the field. I love a monochromatic look, and an all black, or black and grey color scheme always looks especially cool. The black plaid joggers aren’t going to be for everyone, but they provide a great bit of difference by bringing some pattern to the ensemble while still remaining within the color palette. The fit of each piece here is great, simultaneously relaxed and cool, while still suggesting the muscular, athletic man beneath the clothes. The layering is excellent, too, utilizing the relaxed fit of of a thin hoodie and the slouchy shoulders of an absolutely killer sherpa jacket. The jacket deserves some individual attention, as the color combo of black with grey lining is a distinct difference from your typical sherpa jacket, as is the particular style. Usually when you see a sherpa jacket it’s going to be a trucker jacket - think shearling-lined denim jackets - but this one opts for a more military-inspired utility jacket vibe. It’s cool as hell, and the fit lends the whole thing a nonchalant vibe that suggests JMo Smooth is completely unbothered by the disrespect aimed his way by national media.

Before we move on, shouts to Jordan’s chain. May it soon have some company around his neck.

Brad Smith and Gustav Svensson
Sounders FC Digital

Brad Smith and Gustav Svensson are clearly both ready for Fall, although Svensson seems better prepared for Fall in Seattle, and the weather over the weekend more specifically. The jacket he’s got here is an exceptional intersection of form and function, as it’s sure to keep our Swede dry in just about any downpour he’ll face while still being sleek and stylish. The cut of the jacket is great, with sleeves hitting perfectly at his wrists and the jacket hitting just above mid-thigh. The color combo of his outfit is good, too, with a muted sage green acting as a breath of fresh air in his otherwise black ensemble.

Smith, for his part, may not have been protected from the rain by this particular outfit, but there’s still a lot to like about his look. This is another mostly-black get up, but Brad chose to limit the black to his base layers while finishing the look with a great khaki shirt jacket. The jacket is the sort of thing that everyone could use in their wardrobe. It’s a perfect layering piece, able to be worn over a t-shirt on a Summer evening, with a sweater as the days begin to chill, or under a rain jacket once the Seattle Sunshine really kicks in.

Kelvin Leerdam
Sounders FC Digital

There’s not a lot to say here, but Kelvin kills it again with a graphic tee and one of his now-standard jackets. Get a cool jacket, wear a nice t-shirt, and be like Kelvin.

Kim Kee-hee
Sounders FC Digital

There’s also not a ton to dissect with Kee-hee’s look here, either, but he stays rocking the Seattle Dad vibes, and I think we can all appreciate that. We also now know that his hat is Calvin Klein, if you should feel a strong desire to follow his lead. While there’s not much to his outfit, I’d like to shout out Kee-hee’s adorable kids and his wife’s Comme des Garçons sweater (all in the video the team put out).

Raúl Ruidíaz
Sounders FC Digital

Damn, Raúl’s hair grew back quickly! The fresh cut looks good. As is so often the case, Raúl is wearing a piece from SikSilk. The bright purple crewneck is another example of his eye for reasonably priced flash. He knows what he likes and he splashes when he needs to - look at that bag and watch, or consider the McLaren he drives - but he also finds brands and pieces that he likes at much more reasonable prices. Whether it’s the athletically-focused stylings from SikSilk, or budget-friendly pieces from Old Navy or the like, there’s a lesson to be learned from Raúl’s knack for mixing high and low.

Stefan Frei
Sounders FC Digital

While some folks were preparing themselves for the change in weather, layering up and busting out the rain jackets, Stefan Frei seemed to be attempting to will the Summer weather to stick around a while longer. Each piece here is pretty simple, but the way he’s put them all together is what makes this outfit special. The polo isn’t exactly anything special, although the collar sits a little lower and is a little more spread than most, but the shorts are a really good fit. The length of the shorts is nice - short, but not super short - hitting just above his knees, but the cut is slimmer and closer to that of a pair of denim or slim-fitting chinos. Even with the unique fit of the shorts, the touch that really makes the look stand out is the choice to pair mid- or high-top sneakers with them. The combination is a good one, and the choice of all-black sneakers lends a little punk rock touch to the whole thing.

That’s all for this time around. I’ll be back again after this evening’s game, but in the meantime enjoy Bryan Meredith’s gorgeous yellow sweater and better looks at some of the guys’ outfits in the video! Whose look was your favorite?

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