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Coffee & Valkyries, Episode 12: The One About Megan Rapinoe’s Memoir

“One Life” by Megan Rapinoe is now available at all bookstores.

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“If we all have the same resource — this one precious life, made up of the decisions we make every day — what are you going to do?”

That is the closing sentence of the blurb in One Life by Megan Rapinoe.

The long-anticipated memoir of the OL Reign & USWNT forward was released yesterday (yes, Rapinoe does narrate the audiobook version as well). The book’s publisher, Penguin Press was kind enough to send us review copies ahead of release and the original plan was we would collaborate on a “review.” Then the general election happened. And we all spent the last week watching the slow crawl to a new administration coming in January 2021. We then changed our approach to recording a podcast episode to share our takeaways from reading Rapinoe’s memoir. Jeff Lageson from Prost Amerika joined us for the recording to share his thoughts on the memoir as well.

Having spent eight seasons and counting covering the club has resulted in countless chats with Rapinoe through press conferences and/or those small windows of times before or after a match. It results in what we think is a unique angle in covering a memoir of quite possibly the most prolific soccer player this country will ever produce, and a topic that was more fun to talk about than writing a bunch of words.

Susie Rantz (@SusieRants)
Jacob Cristobal (@jacobcristobal)

Jeffrey Lageson (@shotgunprose)

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