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Seattle Sounders FC vs. Minnesota United: community player ratings form

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Time to rate your Western Conference Champion Seattle Sounders.

I’m sure I’ve said this in this space before, but I’m still in a state of shock. Like, writing a paragraph for you to scroll past to get to the ratings form shouldn’t be a big deal, but I genuinely have no idea what to say about what we witnessed last night. Anyways, good luck rating a Seattle Sounders team that came back from 2-0 down to Minnesota United in the final 15 minutes plus stoppage of the Western Conference Final.

Note: Some readers are experiencing rendering issues with the form on this page, especially on iOS devices. Here is a direct link to the form; we hope this allows everyone to submit a response.

Here’s the scale:

(Substitutes can be left blank if the player did not play enough to judge)

1 - not a pro (USL/NASL/MLS) quality performance

4 - average USL starter

6 - average MLS starter

9 - MLS All Star

10 - MLS MVP-quality performance