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Coronavirus updates: Training cancellations extended, a letter from Don Garber

Training moratorium had been scheduled to end today.

Mike Russell / Sounder at Heart

MLS released a couple updates on Sunday, neither of which suggest we’re anywhere close to games being played soon. That will likely come as no surprise to anyone in Seattle, where we are in something just short of a lockdown.

Training won’t resume until March 20, at least

Although the Sounders announced they had cancelled training sessions at Starfire Sports Complex starting last Thursday, the league mandated cancellation of training didn’t go into effect until Friday. At the time, the league said training might resume today. Instead the league announced—probably smartly—they are extending the training ban until at least Friday. However, players and staff are still being asked to remain in market, which suggests MLS is still hoping to resume games at the end of the 30-day suspension they put on the season on Thursday. That would put MLS on pace to return on April 11.

Open letter from Commissioner Don Garber

MLS Commissioner Don Garber sent out this letter to supporters. Among the notable elements are a promise to roll out plans for rescheduled games, something that will be increasingly difficult the longer the suspension goes on.

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