MLS Fantasy Rankings: Week 2

Hi all - I mentioned the possibility of doing a weekly column on MLS Fantasy in a comment (as well as to Jeremiah). This is sort of a beta version to see if you guys like it and would find it to be an interesting addition to the already amazing, and diverse, amount of content SaH produces each week. If there's interest in these types of columns let me know! I'm not sold on the current formatting (images of spreadsheet screenshots) so if you have alternative suggestions that would be helpful as well. If you want to join the SaH league, find it here:

After an entertaining opening week in which the league introduced two new shiny teams in Nashville and Miami, featured numerous game-changing stoppage time goals (thank you Jordan Morris!), and saw one of its best and most recognized players go down for the year with a torn ACL, we now look to week 2 to continue shaping early narratives, or flip them upside down altogether.

Is Colorado the real deal this year? Can Orlando score? Will CCL prove to be a large distraction for NYCFC and others? Who is Atlanta without Josef?

We'll have a clearer picture of all of the above and more after week 2.

There are several good match-ups to look at for potential offensive outpourings and defensive perseverance. I often look at favorable game match-ups over individual players, as a good player on a struggling squad will still struggle. This is especially true for looking at defenders - a good defender in a bad match-up is still a bad pick. Here are a few games to eye this upcoming weekend:

  • Dallas vs Montreal: Montreal is focused on CCL, and Dallas looked strong at home in week 1. Both attackers and defenders might be good to tap for a likely dominating Dallas side.
  • Atlanta vs Cincinnati: Atlanta's attack will surely suffer sans Josef, but their defense should be fine against a slightly improved (but still bad) Cincinnati squad. Pity and Barco may see larger roles with Josef out, and are cheap for their quality.
  • Colorado vs Orlando: Colorado looks to be much improved this year, and showed that potential away at DC. Orlando will struggle to score, so Colorado's defense could be a solid bet (and maybe throw in a little Kamara love on the side).
  • LA Galaxy vs Vancouver: I'm not sold on the Galaxy defense yet, but I am sold on the Galaxy defense at home vs Vancouver. Pavon should be licking his chops, and this is the ideal setting for Chicharito to join the scorer's table.
  • Seattle vs Columbus: If the Sounders are able to field a closer-to-top XI, then this is a game to eye for defenders + Morris/Lodeiro/Joao Paulo. If not, then I'm less likely to dip deeply into the pool of rave green (no offense Leyva and Delem, but you're not Lodeiro and Svensson).
  • Portland vs Nashville: Portland earns a pity mention here solely because they're at home against an inexperienced expansion team. My brain says Valeri, Blanco, and their defense should be solid bets, but my gut says be cautious. They were bad at home vs Minnesota.

Here are the full rankings. And yes, I know I'm crazy for putting Vela anywhere but #1.

Italics = currently participating in CCL, which may affect playing time and/or supporting cast. Injured players (listed as injured on MLS Fantasy as of publishing time) are not included.









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