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Major Link Soccer: Filling the gap

As we continue to isolate, we all search for ways to fill the spaces that sports and other pursuits have left.

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Without sports, or going into work, or any number of other things that we would usually fill our time with, we all turn to alternatives. For some it’s art or similar creative pursuits, for others it might be cooking or inventing new games. We may dwell upon stories we remember well, whether those memories are fond or painful. Through these distractions or endeavors, we hope to find a new sort of normality amidst this chaos.


Seattle SoundersStefan Frei diving into passion for art during a period of social distancing. Seattle Sounders' Stefan Frei diving into passion for art during his stay-at-home effort |


MLS players, unlike their colleagues in the NBA, NHL and MLB, have been asked to remain in their team’s city during the league’s Coronavirus-induced break. Coronavirus: MLS players stuck in team's cities

Since the prospect of the US Open Cup’s temporary suspension becoming permanent is a reality, we have created a backup plan in an effort to keep the second-oldest continually-operating tournament in the world going. A modest proposal: How to salvage 2020 US Open Cup amid coronovirus pandemic | - Full Coverage of US Open Cup Soccer

Defiance are supporting United Way of Pierce County. USL eCup – What We’re Playing For

They rate Atencio and Defiance 6th. Key caveat: They’ve never seen anyone play. USL eCup Power Rankings – Pre-Tournament

Because we all miss soccer and need some diversions right now, Extratime driven by Continental is filling the live-match void by naming our Mount Rushmore for every single MLS team over the coming weeks. MLS Mount Rushmore: Honoring the most influential players for every club |

There are plenty of options if you need to watch some games from the past. Get your MLS, international soccer fix with these re-aired matches on national TV |

Spoiler alert: there’s only one Zach Scott. The definitive cult hero of every MLS team, according to their supporters |

The passing of Mavinga’s uncle is a reminder that undoubtedly all of our lives will be touched by loss as a result of this pandemic. Stay safe, and take care of yourself. Toronto FC defender Chris Mavinga's loses uncle to COVID-19 in France |


Ida Sports are changing the game by making boots specifically for women, and they look awesome. No more ‘pink it and shrink it’ as women get boots made for women’s feet at last – The Athletic

Missing sports doesn’t only mean that our lives lack the joy that they bring, it also means an absence of the pain that colors and contextualizes that joy. Reliving my most soul-destroying match - All For XI


Trying to predict the roster for a tournament that’s over two and a half years away seems like a fool’s errand, but we’re all scratching the bottom of the barrel for content these days. The folks at ESPN think Jordan Morris will make the presumed USMNT World Cup roster, though, and I have to agree with them. USMNT Big Board The 23 who will represent the U.S. at Qatar 2022

The second installment of Kim McCauley’s attempt to develop the young stars of the USMNT in Football Manager 20 takes a look at how her team will play. A better USMNT needs the right tactics for the right roster -


If you really need to fill the soccer-shaped hole in your life, NBC Sports can help you out. NBC Sports Gold to offer free access to Premier League content :: Live Soccer TV

My biggest takeaway from this piece was that Vieira, just like Obafemi Martins, has dining chairs upholstered with his old jerseys. The secret deal inspiring Vieira’s City loyalty – and possible return as boss – The Athletic

It’s possible that a Champions League game could have led to two of the epicenters for the coronavirus in Europe. Atalanta vs Valencia linked to accelerating coronavirus spread - Sports Illustrated

The Belarus Premier League just keeps the ball rolling as the rest of the world shuts down. Coronavirus: Belarus Premier League attracts global attention as it plays on - BBC Sport

Sit back, and enjoy the tale behind the fakest of fake rumors. Rajko Purovic: The Hoax That Fooled Football | Sub Story

A look at Elano’s poetic dalliance with the Manchester City that was and would be. Elano was a gentle force while Manchester City became a powerhouse -


I really hope Enes Kanter has sanitized his treadmill, that’s all I’m going to say. A running list of ‘sports’ being invented due to social isolation -

We’ve all got more time and need for cooking, so let some of the writers from SB Nation help you out. 11 recipes to help any level of cook through social isolation -

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