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Bear With Us, Episode 6: Will Bruin picks his quarantine house

The Sounders forward says he’s fit, but

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All of us are handling this “stay home, stay safe” order in different ways. Some are getting house work done. Others are binging TV shows. A lot of us are simply trying to stay sane with a house full of people all the time.

Will Bruin, like the rest of the soccer world, is trying to balance staying in game shape with all of this stuff. It’s understandably wearing on him a bit.

That’s where we come in! In the latest episode of Bear With Us, we provided a list of six different houses full of six people —mostly current and former teammates of Will’s — and asked him to pick one house to ride out the quarantine in. We also found out that he’s doing a bit of “all of the above” from the list at the beginning.

Give it a listen.

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