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We Rate (Sounders’) Dogs

They’re all good dogs, but Sounder dogs are better

It’s Underdog Week over here at Sounder at Heart, but these dogs are no longshots. They are certified (MLS Pup) winners. Let’s take a look at the current roster of Sounders Dogs.


This is Will Bruin’s miniature Goldendoodle, Mollie. She wears a jersey better than you do, and that’s just facts. Between Mollie’s style and soul-searching eyes, I get some human vibes from her. I give Mollie a 12/10, would listen to anything she tells me.

Mobley & Cloï

This next pair of pups needs no introduction — they’re the stars of Stefan Frei’s #WrinkleWednesday, Mobley and Cloï. Mobley is a Great Dane, who looks to be roughly the size of a small horse, and Cloï is a very squishy Shar Pei. They’ve both got wrinkles for days and wear them so well it has me rethinking my skincare regimen. These two pups make my Wednesdays dramatically better, so I give them both 13/10.

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Happy #WrinkleWednesday

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Meet Derby, Harry Shipp’s adorable Golden Retriever. I would like to preemptively give her the award for Best Halloween Costume 2020, since time is meaningless and she deserves it. 12/10, would graciously accept any deliveries from Derby and tip her with treats.

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Spent $20 for this one photo. Happy Halloween!

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We’ll start with some sad news: Jordan Morris’ Bernese Mountain Dog, Minnie, passed away recently, which is just the worst. But here’s some good news: LOOK AT HIS NEW PUPPY! I’d like to introduce you all to Maisie, a Standard Sheepadoodle puppy, which I’m pretty sure is code for “stuffed animal come to life.” She has her own Instagram account, @maisie_the_sheepadoodle, and it’s the content we all need to get through this weird time. I rate Maisie a 15/10 for being small and fluffy and perfect. I would die for Maisie, honestly.

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My neighbors has such pretty flowers. So pretty I eat dem!

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