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Coffee & Valkyries, Episode 5: The NWSL Will Play... Something

Coming soon from Utah, it’s the NWSL!

Nikita Taparia

It may seem trivial to be talking about soccer right now as a much bigger and important event is happening in our society, as human beings capable of thought & empathy are tired of police brutality, generations of systemic racism and oppression of people of color. And the reckoning is long overdue. Silence equals endorsing these human atrocities and maybe, just maybe, this time around everyone actually listens and adds their voice to the chorus demanding things change around here for once.

As we watch and contribute to history in the making, the comfort that sport brings is something that many of us do need once in a while. Last week, the NWSL announced plans to stage a month-long tournament in Utah in lieu of a traditional season. On this episode, we talk about the competition, as well as the departure of Steph Catley and addition of Yuka Momiki to OL Reign.


Susie Rantz (@SusieRants)

Jacob Cristobal (@jacobcristobal)

Steve Voght (@voght)

Tim Foss (@timostlundfoss)


Album artwork: Amy Camber

Music: “Sunglasses” by Loyalty Freak Music

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