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Open Flavor Friday: I’m Dave Clark, ask me anything

Sounder At Heart’s founder returns for a chat.

S2’s “talent” prior to Wednesday’s match against the Fresno Foxes

Way back in the Before Times, Sounder at Heart spent the off season (and sometimes during the season) with a recurring post called Open Flavor Fridays. These started because I was bored; I enjoyed coffee and beer; and I wanted to share my passions for things beyond soccer.

Now, in the current times, Steve Voght has taken over the OFF program. There’s been a lack of American pro soccer since March 11th, when Tacoma Defiance hosted San Diego Loyal in an empty Cheney Stadium. We’ve discovered new ways to enjoy flavor, new ways to gather distantly, and new ways to talk about the game that made you all Sounders at Heart (and Valkyries).

This week I’m making a little return to this corner of the internet I launched. I’m here for an in-comments AMA. OL Reign, who I worked for last year, starts play on Tuesday. Tacoma Defiance start on or about July 11, with home games at Cheney Stadium part of that planned resumption of play. I’m also passionate about the Seattle Sounders, still love beer and coffee, have discovered more about Tacoma than I ever thought was possible, and am so enthralled with D&D that I’m developing a product to sell for the game’s 5th edition.

I’m Dave Clark, founder of Sounder at Heart, storyteller at and – Ask Me Anything.

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