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Sounder at Heart podcast: Brad Smith is back

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The gang chats about bringing Smith back to Seattle.

Mike Russell / Sounder at Heart

The Seattle Sounders made a surprise signing yesterday when they brought Brad Smith back to Seattle on a free. Thankfully, we were already scheduled to record a podcast on Thursday afternoon.

Host Mark Kastner is joined by Jeremiah Oshan, Tim Foss, Casey Dunau, and’s Ari Lilljenwall to discuss the move. They also spend a bit of time letting Ari rant about Jordan Morris after a tremulous week for Ari on the internet. There’s a conversation about what soccer is meant to be for fans. If you’re not having fun being a soccer fan then you’re not doing it correctly.

To close out the show the team has a chat about tonight’s match against LAFC. Are the Sounders a better team than their LA counterparts? Will LAFC be able to handle the red-hot Sounders with all of the injuries Bob Bradley is dealing with? Tune in to find out what the guys think.