HELP?!? Holiday Jersey Dream

Greetings to all those whose Hearts belong to the Sound,

I am on a mission this year to fulfill my wife's jersey dreams. I have found some decent options to increase her USWNT inventory, but so far I'm striking out on the Reign. Part of the problem is that she's not certain she wants the current jersey and she has me on the hunt for jerseys from previous seasons. So I need help!

Does anyone know of a resource where past Reign jerseys can be compared to one another? I can't begin to explain how frequently I have returned to Ranking the best kits in Sounders MLS History, and was hoping for a similar Reign resource.

If anyone has Reign jerseys in Women's Small that they no longer want. Get in touch! You just might help me fulfill my mission!


Philip Pirrip

P.S. I think it's high time for another Ranking the best kits in Sounders MLS history ballot. We've had some bangers since 2016!

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