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Nos Audietis has your kit envy covered

We think we’ve sort of outdone ourselves, to be honest.

YachtCon has been nothing if not a celebration of the excesses of being a Seattle soccer fan. What started as an excuse to do a live version of our podcast eventually evolved into something that was effectively an annual preseason fanfest. Merchandise was always part of the fundraising apparatus, but every year it’s grown in scope.

This year, we are taking it to a new level with a complete line of YachtCon-inspired team gear. The showpiece is, of course, a jersey.

We know you like little details, so we went heavy on them. From the pattern that spells out Y-N-Y-A in maritime flags to the University of Nos Audietis seal to the anchor, it’s got a little bit of everything. We even have a sponsor this year, Fast Fashion Brewing, who will be collaborating with Stoup to make the official beer of YachtCon.

As if that weren’t enough, Stimulus Athletic also did a full line of team gear. That includes hoodies, shorts, shirts and jackets. We’re not saying anyone should do this, but you could literally outfit an entire team in this stuff. If you want this gear, though, order it early. We’re going to close the store on March 16 and it won’t be opened again.

On some level, we just kinda love the idea of putting out this line of gear. But we should note that this is not just a marketing ploy. No, it’s part of a very real fundraising effort. All the profits we make from selling this will be donated to the Seattle Children’s Autism Center, just like the proceeds from YachtCon: Back to School.

Speaking of which, registration for YachtCon: Back to School is currently open with the first day of class on March 14. We’d love to see you there.

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