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Garth Lagerwey is helping us raise money for charity

During his YachtCon: Back to School seminar we’ll talk about maintaining a dynasty while eating wings and raising money for Seattle Children’s Autism Center.

That’s Garth cracking an egg on some lucky guy’s head at a past YachtCon.

In each of the previous four YachtCons, Garth Lagerwey has been an enthusiastic participant. One year, he cracked an egg on an attendee’s head. Another, he showed up late at night after putting his kids to bed. Last year, he helped us close out our most successful fundraising effort ever and hung around long after talking with fans.

This year, he’s agreed to take an even more active role in helping us raise a bit more money for the Seattle Children’s Autism Center.

As you hopefully know by now, the Sounders GM and President of Soccer will be joining us on the final night of YachtCon: Back to School for a seminar we’ve cheekily titled GM 442: How to Maintain a Dynasty. If you haven’t already, please feel free to register.

While registration remains free for the seminar — in fact, you can audit anything from our course catalogue — we’ve attached a fundraising component.

Here’s how it will work:

If you’ve seen the internet show “Hot Ones” you’ll be vaguely familiar with the setup. During the course of the interview, the Nos Audietis crew (Jeremiah, Aaron and Likkit) and Garth will be eating chicken wings.

During the interview, we’ll have five breaks where we spin “the wheel o’ spice.” There will be two spice levels, one that we’ll call medium hot and another that we’ll call “very” hot. You can buy the “medium” and “very” hot spots. The possibility of us having to eat “very” hot spots will be determined by how many of those spots we sell (each wheel has eight spots, so there’s a total of 40 spots up for sale). You may remember that Likkit did something similar for a previous fundraiser.

Garth tells us that he’s pretty sensitive to extreme spice, so we’re not going to force him to eat anything he doesn’t want, but Jeremiah, Likkit and Aaron are committed to abiding by the wheel.

As an added bonus, you’ll also be invited to submit a “spicy” question that goes along with your spot on the wheel. If the spinner lands on your spot, we’ll ask the question you submitted.

The “medium” spots are available for a $10 donation and the “very” spicy spots for $20 (you’re obviously free to donate more if you like and it’s all tax deductible!). If you’re interested, just make a donation directly to this site, screen shot your receipt and email your question to us (

If that was all a little confusing, here’s a bullet-point summation:

  • We’re adding a charity component to our Garth seminar
  • $10 donation buys a “medium” spice level spot on our “wheel o’ spice”
  • $20 donation buys a “very” spice level spot on our “wheel o’ spice”
  • Both donation levels get you a chance to have your submitted question asked to Garth
  • Caveat: We can’t guarantee that Garth will be eating the “very” spicy wings
  • To participate, make your donation here and email us a screenshot along with your question

See you on March 28!

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