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The YachtCollege Mariner: Elevating our tastes

This week is all about raising our flavor profile

Editor’s note: This is the second of a series that will chronicle YachtCollege.

Going to college is primarily about equipping oneself with an education for the real world. However, a secondary benefit of attending college is refining your tastes in food, culture, and beyond. Here at YachtCollege we pride ourselves with providing an environment where our students can accomplish both goals in the same place.

Typically when students go off to college, their selection in booze is, well, not good. We want to make sure our students aren’t drinking plastic bottle vodka and Natty Light. So, we’ve combined a couple of classes to make sure our students have the most refined taste when it comes to enjoying booze.

On Wednesday night we hosted our second YachtCollege class, Professor Paul Zitarelli took students on a fermented grapes adventure with FPW 202: Refined Wine-Tasting. Good wine has this aura of being unapproachable and snooty. Here at YachtCollege that’s exactly what we want our students to be, so it’s perfect to learn about wine in a way that allows our students to apply what they learn to their own personalities. Kelyn Rowe, whose already moving along the official path of wine snootery, was joined by Spencer Richey, who was a bit more representative of our student body.

This evening (Friday, 3/19) our students will continue their journey to being unbearable at parties by learning how to craft cocktails. The class is titled TDO 017: Creative Cocktailing. Here is a description of the class from the professor’s syllabus:

“Craft cocktail expert from local bar The Doctor’s Office welcomes Will Bruin as your surrogate student in a guide through the intersection of cocktails and their healing* powers. Students will participate in the creation of two distinct cocktails and obtain the skills necessary to craft their own creations ($40).”

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