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All signs point to purple being primary color of new Sounders jersey

It’s off palette from the MLS era, but purple was used in past iterations of the teams.

UPDATE: In case there was any doubt about the previous hints, this one seems pretty clear.

The Seattle Sounders have never been too concerned about sticking to a specific color palette when it comes to their secondary and third jerseys. It now appears a new color will be introduced: purple.

The latest bit of evidence comes from the team’s use of purple as the dominant color in their announcement of the RAVE Foundation’s upcoming virtual gala.

This comes on the heels of a purported “design leak” that came out about a week ago that was based on the recollection of someone who supposedly saw the kit. While Sounder at Heart was unable to confirm any of those details, it’s not hard to imagine that kit will at least be a similar color as the one depicted.

If the Sounders do, indeed, replace the Nightfall kit with a purple one, it would be a sort of callback to the Sounders’ pre-MLS era. From 1994-2002, the Sounders used purple in their crest and even had purple jerseys at various times.

Of course, purple also has a very prominent place in the Seattle sports scene as it’s the primary color of the University of Washington.

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