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Bear With Us, Episode 7: We’re back!

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Will Bruin brings back his critically acclaimed podcast.

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It has been about 15 months since we last recorded a live episode of Bear With Us. Don’t worry, we’re now all fully vaccinated and feeling good. Will, Jeremiah and Emily got together at The Masonry in Queen Anne to eat some pizza, drink some beer and talk about the Sounders’ blazing start to the season.

Will catches us up on what he’s been up to all this time, what he thinks of the Sounders’ new formation, his newfound role as a playmaker and how he feels his teammates have come together during this trying time.

Of course, we also found some time to offer some advice while playing a game we called “1921 or 2021?”

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Musics: “Bumped into Bigfoot” - Bedford; “Cutthroat” - prod. by Syndrome