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These Sounders youth had the day of their lives

Raul Ruidiaz celebrated his first goal with some soon-to-be-familiar faces.

Max Aquino / Sounder at Heart

Family — Seattle Sounders marketing mentions family quite a bit. The cynical eye might think that the phrase is merely marketing. The cynical missed Raúl Ruidíaz score a goal and then notice a small section of fans cheering behind the net. Raúl joined them, because he knows them.

That section of fans is the last group of Tacoma Defiance and Academy guys that practiced with the First Team. The group appears to include Reed Baker-Whiting, Juan Alvarez, Abdoulaye Cissoko, Taka Sasaki, Sota Kitahara, and Josh Atencio. We’re not 100% experts on the tops of the heads and civilian attire of the Academy and Defiance guys.

Their night ended with them as part of the victory celebration, sheeeesh, lovingly mocking Cody Baker like he’s a full member of the team.

PS: Brad, gets it.

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