Next man up?

I'll preface this post by acknowledging none of us know just where things are in the hiring process for Gonzo with ATL. With that said, it looks like a job offer may well be in sight as they're kind of stuck half-in and half-out right now and if they have any legitimate hopes of salvaging some respectability this season let alone gaining traction for next year they'll probably look to fill that HC spot very soon. Given the "intentional" decision to not have GP on the sideline last night against Tigres a change is probably more likely than not and all credit to him and our FO for providing the opportunity and creating an environment where he could have the success he's had up to now.

With that said, who's the "next man up"? Will they just reorganize the current coaching staff's responsibilities and have Preki/Djimi work with the midfielders in areas of expertise (offense vs defense)? Will they bring someone up from the USL side as another opportunity to grow in-house talent? Could they lure a former midfielder standout to come back and work the coaching certification pipeline such as GP has done? Mauro is chilling in Argentina according to a likely knowledgeable source, Brad Evans, who likely has more GM aspirations than coaching, knows the club culture well and has played pretty much every position across the midfield. Ozzie's days are certainly winding down and I'm not sure just how much of a coaching talent he might be he still commands a lot of respect across the league and I'd guess our organization, too. Another option is a former Sounders with long ties to the region and someone who's very accomplished at the USL level as well has having been pretty successful years ago in MLS - Ian Russell. He left Reno after being a perennial force in the coaching ranks for TFC where things really just blew up under Chris Armas and he may be looking for a new challenge in friendlier confines and what better place than back here in the Puget Sound amongst some other Sounders icons we already have in place?

Again, this post is simply intended to give both praise for the job so well done by Gonzo these past few years and well-wishes for his next opportunity while spitball on who gets the next chance to stalk our sidelines and be mentored by one of the very best in Brian Schmetzer.

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