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Match Fitness: King and her subjects

Tziarra King is the Puget Sound’s style ruler.

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Tziarra King looking fierce in all-black.
Jane G. Photography // OL Reign

What better place to start this round of Match Fitness than with the King. Tziarra King, who just celebrated her 23rd birthday, strutted into Cheney Stadium on August 7 in a ‘fit that immediately drew superhero comparisons. The all-black ensemble, with a long, lace vest flowing behind like a cape, feels powerful. I don’t know how else to put it. King exudes a sense of power, of confidence, all the time, and this look just takes it to another level. The pants, with a full leg and crisp crease, lend some strong C-suite energy, the strappy sandals bring some gladiator strength, and the cat-eye sunglasses finish the whole thing off with some old-school glamour. This look is exquisite, and just another facet to King’s style. Happy belated birthday, Tziarra!

Cristian Roldan in a simple look, while Alex Roldan opts for a UNC color story.
Sounders FC Digital

The Brothers Roldan rarely disappoint, but more and more as Alex Roldan grows into his role and his power his style has stood out. The younger Roldan doesn’t need to be super flashy to grab your attention, but he’s clearly not afraid of a statement piece. Case in point: this baby blue chore coat. A bold chore coat (any type of coat or jacket, really) will crank the volume up on any outfit, but what you do from there determines how it sounds on your system. Pared down pieces like a white tee and neutral-adjacent olive pants keep the high notes from getting too high, while connecting the blue of the jacket with what appears to be a pair Jordan 1 Low UNCs brings in some bass to even everything out. There’d be no shame in putting this on repeat.

Cristian Roldan’s look is more subdued. While Alex is the new hotness on the scene, Cristian’s been around and at the top of his game for a while now. He doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone, but he’s still putting in solid, if not breathtaking, performances. The details in this look, like in his game, are what set him apart. It would have been easy enough to throw on any white shirt, but he grabbed a band-collar shirt that’s just different enough from what you’re expecting to make you notice. The cropped pant legs give the whole look a breezy, Summer feel that pairs perfectly with the sneakers, which have a boat-shoe vibe to them.

Quinn in a Canadian tuxedo and sneakers.
Jane G. Photography // OL Reign

Another example of putting together a solid look and then dialing it up with the perfect pair of sneakers comes to us from Gold medal winner Quinn. They’re owning their Canadian-ness with this double-denim/Canadian tuxedo look. The washes of the jeans and shirt are close-but-not-quite the same in a way that really works, with a cool t-shirt to fully lean into the casual look. The shirt is the “Plants are for Everybody” tee from Portland plant shop, Arium Botanicals, and they’ve expertly paired it with a pair of Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 Vintage sneakers. This look has some interesting parallels to Quinn’s on-field presence where they are most noted for their work rate, but add touches of fun and flair to elevate their contributions. The gold chain is a nice finishing touch, but I’d love to see them rock their gold medal, too.

We’re admittedly working through the best of the rest of what’s available from the Sounders at this point, so I’ll stick to some highlights and observations with this gallery. In the first picture Brad Smith has the length perfectly dialed in on his shorts here — look at this guy’s thighs. The rest of his fit’s fine, but the shorts are great. Alex Roldan’s clearly got an eye for a chore coat/utility jacket. This cream number’s a beaut, and the rest of the look is perfect simplicity. He’s also showing that you don’t have to break the bank for a good looking pair of sneakers. These look like Van’s Old Skools, which you can get yourself for $60. Kelyn Rowe looks like he’s headed to a yoga retreat for tech bros. The loafers are great, though.

In the second picture Rowe’s continuing his trend as the vibey-est dresser (in a certain manner) in the squad. This time he looks like the most fun person at your cousin’s wedding. The look is simple and straightforward, with obvious attention paid to the finest points. The whole outfit is a black and grey color story, even down to a black and silver belt and a silver watch. For his part, Brad Smith’s pretty on brand. The moto jeans are kind of cool, if it’s what you’re into. The trend cycle in men’s fashion/style isn’t as short as it is elsewhere, and individual items don’t typically go out of style if you want to keep wearing them. The lifecycle on moto jeans seems to be coming to an end, though.

The last picture in this set is Nico Lodeiro, who is the latest to get in on the boxy tee and not-so-skinny jeans train. I think it’s a good shift for Lodeiro, but I’m a big advocate for loosening up your wardrobe. The jeans are still a slim-straight, but he’s got a lot more room to feel comfy in these than in the skin-tight ones he’s previously preferred. If you like the Pet Shop Boys t-shirt he’s got, you can get your own from Zara.

A supreme delight for me in OL Reign getting in on the fit pics has been the discovery of Jess Fishlock’s immense style. She can rock any number of different kinds of looks, and she pulls them all off because she’s so completely self-assured. Her confidence and charisma really shine through with every look. She’s just so cool, which is why she was able to pull off wearing this shearling/teddy jacket on a Summer day. The white layering tee and white sneakers are great touches, as are the incredibly ripped jeans. Fishlock’s also added a little bit of class to the look with her strand of pearls, an almost ever-present accessory.

Lauren Barnes is doing some really fun proportion play with this look. The black tank-top is such a stark contrast to the light khaki trousers. Somewhat similar to Tziarra King’s trousers, these have a full leg and a crease, but Barnes’s pair aren’t nearly as structured and have a billowy quality in their fullness. The chunky sneakers offer some heft that ground the whole look. The bag she’s carrying is no longer available, it seems, but it’s from a vegan and cruelty-free brand called Sans Beast.

Dani Weatherholt’s outfit is solid; I dig the jacket and boots. My biggest takeaway is that she looks really tall, which is mostly impressive because she’s listed as being 5’8”.

The second picture here is from Jess Fishlock’s appearance as part of the broadcast team when the Sounders hosted FC Dallas on August 4. Marcus Hahnemann’s mustache and eyebrows are doing their best to steal the spotlight, but nothing can possibly outshine Fishlock here. She’s immaculately coiffed, expertly accessorized, and there’s something incredible about the way the black tee, unbuttoned shirt and tattoos all work together to create a look that is simultaneously cool and casual, but also elevated and glamorous. The Welsh Dragon feels oddly like Jack Sparrow at a black tie dinner, and I don’t know how else to explain it.

There were TONS of other great looks from the Reign over the last month, but there’s just not room to address them all here. I strongly encourage you to enjoy some of the club’s Instagram content from their win over Gotham FC, though. Special shoutouts to Tziarra King’s ‘70s denim jumpsuit, Ally Watt’s Jordan look, and Alana Cook’s embodiment of the term “badass” for this one.

I’ll be back after the doubleheader!

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